Friday, October 20, 2017

10.20.17 Vet Fund Fundraiser

Join us for a fundraiser joining health and dog rescue together! 
We are still working to pay down our vet bill. 
Our goal is to sell 50 boxes and our bill will be paid off. 
Help us and get a Wellness Box for yourself!

  • When: November 1 – November 15
    Nov 1 at 12 AM to Nov 15 at 12 PM

    Where: Online- My Monthly Wellness Box

Box Options: 

NingXia Kit $170 

Thieves Kit $160 

Dew Drop Diffuser Kit $160

Aria Diffuser Kit $260

Rainstone Diffuser Kit $205

After the first box, YOU decide if you want to order more! No cancellation phone calls or fees- you just simply stop ordering.
If you decide to order more, each box is 50PV/$50+ depending on which products you want to add in! Each month you can change your products or keep them the same. 
It's ALL up to you!

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