Monday, April 24, 2017

4.24.17 Puppies


8 weeks on May 24

Info and Application-

4.23.17 Sylvia

Sylvia- Dog of the Month
Adoption fee waived.

4.21.17 Harry

Finally Sun!! 


4.21.17 Hopper

Looking for a weekend adventure buddy in this beautiful weather?! 

Hopper would love a family that likes to walk around lakes, go on adventures and go out on the town with. 

Hopper's adoption fee is $60 now through Sunday. Submit your app today!

4.20.17 Monica + five babies

These babies are exhausting!
Monica and five babies. 
8 weeks on May 24
Info and Application-

4.19.17 Monica

So I hear you will have new pics of my puppies posted tomorrow! -Monica

4.19.17 Tiki

May I please have that cookie?!