Thursday, November 16, 2017

11.16.17 It's Give to the Max day, last chance to get a bonus MPRB hoodie!

Give to the Max 2017 is today! 

$100 donations and over will receive a special Give to the Max MPBR hoodie! *Offer extended through 11/17/17!

So what is Give to the Max day?

Created as a launch party for in 2009, Give to the Max Day has turned into Minnesota’s giv
ing holiday. It is a special 24-hour period to highlight the work and worth of nonprofits and schools all across Minnesota, and a day for generous Minnesotans to give back what they can to the causes and organizations that mean the most to them. And as a bonus, GiveMN offers thousands of dollars in prizes to provide a little excitement, start some friendly competition, and help donors make their dollars go farther.

Why should you donate on Give to the Max day?

We believe that any day is a great day to support the local nonprofits and schools strengthening our communities, but Give to the Max Day is a special day to celebrate thousands of nonprofits and schools across the state. Your Give to the Max Day donation will be eligible for random drawings to have extra money added to it, and will help your favorite cause compete for more prize money on our leaderboards.

Monday, November 13, 2017

11.11.17 Update from Sugar & Jules / Hello from Sammi

Sugar & Jules are looking great compared to their last update! We can't wait to get these girls up to Minnesota & get them healthy so they can find their forever homes!


8 weeks on Sept 5, 2017

Hi, my name is Sammi. My foster parents affectionately call me SamBam. I’m 11 weeks old, and just 11 pounds. I love to play. My favorite game is tug… I’ll win someday. I get along with other dogs, but I’m still working on my social skills. I was the runt of the litter, so sometimes I feel I have to prove that I’m tough. When I’m not playing, I love to cuddle. Seriously…. I need a lap to cuddle on when I’m tired. Right now, I know how to sit, shake, and stay. I still have a few other things to learn. I’m looking for a forever home to teach me the rest of my doggie skills!

Adoption fee $350

Interested in adopting? Apple here-

Friday, November 10, 2017

11.10.17 Upcoming Adoption Events THIS WEEKEND!

Come meet some of our adoptable dogs!

Willow, Juniper, & Nikki will be ready to give you snuggles on Saturday at Bentley's Pet Stuff in Minneapolis

ChandlerMonicaRubyNala, & Vinca will be in attendance at For Pet's Sake! in Blaine on Sunday
Click their names to learn more about each of them!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

11.9 Hi from Ross


Age: 8 weeks on 10/31/17 

Activity Level: active with several naps and cuddle time. 

Things I do in my free time: I love to play with my foster brother and foster sister. We run around and I like to go under the couch and the chairs and come out the other side to surprise them. I also love the little boy who lives in the house, I crawl on him and sit with him as much as I can. I also follow my foster mom around wherever I can especially in the kitchen. When I go outside I love to chase the leaves. As soon as I catch one though another comes by that I need to try to get as well, I am easily distracted by them. I also am a fan of shoes, not chewing on them just laying on them. However my foster mom put them all away just in case. 

Things I know: I don’t know a whole lot yet but I’m still a puppy and am learning lots! 

Things I am learning: I am learning to walk on a leash, however I still want to just play with it. My foster mom says I’m doing much better though. I’m also Learning leave it which I still have not quite figured out but I hear it quite often. When I go outside I go to the bathroom almost immediately, however I still have accidents inside but I am working on it. 

Kids: There is one child in the foster home and he is great with him. He has several medical issues and Ross has been fantastic in every aspect of those 

Dogs: There are two dogs in the foster home. One 90lb male lab and a medium size female pit bull. He plays well with both 

Cats: has not been around cats 

Size: 7-8 lbs, not sure how big he’ll get 

Car rides: is fine with car rides but wants to sit on my lap. 

Additional Info from foster parent: Ross is a beautiful and sweet puppy. Sometimes a little shy but loves to play 

Adoption fee $350 

Interested in adopting? Apple here-

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

11.8.17 Hello from Rachel

Name: Rachel 

Nicknames: Rachel the Bold, Rachel of the tiny legs 
Age: 8 Weeks old on 10/31/17 
Activity Level: Healthy Puppy (Mid to high followed by cuddle and naptime) 
Things I do in my free time: Explore! I am fearless, confident and ready to make new friends. I am being fostered with kids (8,4,2) a dog, and a cat… none of that phases me. If no one wants to play I make use of toys and entertain myself. My favorite toy right now is a plastic pumpkin pail that is larger than I am, which I tug mightily around the room. (As you might be able to tell I am very confident.) My nemesis right now is my foster brother’s potty chair, I’m not sure why but I need to valiantly defend him from such a dangerous device and will pull and push it to the corner of the room. So far this “chair of the potty” has always returned to the same spot but eventually I will vanquish it. 
Things I know: I’m pretty darn good in my crate / kennel and I know “Go Potty”! (we are still mastering but I know I can't get out of the cold until I pee or poop.) I’m new at my foster home so I’m still learning. 
Things I am learning: We are focusing on: come, leave it and kennel. We’re also going to work on walking on leash, riding in the car and making new friends while I’m in foster. 
Kids: I love them. We cuddle, we chase …. It is a good relationship. 
Dogs: I love them! I just want to play. 
Cats: I’m new and the resident cat has been shy with me but we are working on being fine together. 
Size: Right now I’m a puppy with a low rider build, it is hard to say how large I’ll be in the future but right now I don’t have very big paws to grow into. 
Car rides: We’re going to learn to be safely restrained on short car rides. I am too small for a seat-belt harness. The goal is to make it so I’m ready to roll when you are! 
Additional Info from foster parent: Rachel is a puppy! Puppies need attention and supervision. As far as puppies go Rachel has a normal energy level and surprisingly confident as well as a pretty sharp pup. She’s a new foster but we want to get her profile updated with what we have because she is so outgoing she should go fast. She’d do well in just about any home since she is so well natured with everyone. Keep in mind if you have kids that puppies will get excited and mouth; it is always a good idea to supervise play to protect puppy and kids. The children she is being fostered with are relatively wild boys but dog experienced boys who are trying to help her learn appropriate ways to play. 

PS: She is super adorable and soft. The large spot over her eye is also not solid black it looks like brindle. 

Adoption fee $350 

Interested in adopting? Apple here-

Find more pictures of Rachel here! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

11.7.17 My Monthly Wellness Box fundraiser

Our Vet Fundraiser with My Monthly Wellness Box has been posted!!!
The first 10 people to order a box will get our exclusive hoodie to this fundraiser, a hat of their color choice, and a pizza tshirt.

11.6.17 New MNPR Merch- Orders close 11/18/17!

Winter hats have arrived just in time for winter! Check out our online store here & grab them while supplies last. Orders will close Saturday, Nov 18.