Thursday, March 26, 2020

3.26.20 Thank You Imagine Express!

A huge thank you to everyone over at Imagine Express!

This month, the employees organized a food drive & took donations for Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue during their team engagement activity. We can't say it enough, we would not be able to continue doing what we do without the support from our followers and the community. THANK YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

3.25.20 Kaisa

March has been an amazing month! Almost all of our dogs have pending applications, all but one. Insert Kaisa.

This girl would love to find someone who is home often or a family who can include her in their day to day life. She currently lives with a dog but prefers to be the only animal. Do you have time to learn more about Kaisa? Is there anyone out there willing to give this older girl a chance?

Please visit to fill out an application so you can meet one on one.

Wouldn't it be great if Kaisa found her home in March too?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

3.23.20 Mama + Puppies

Here’s a glimpse at the newest members of MPBR. 

At one week old, what better way could we celebrate national Puppy Day? Mama is a natural πŸΎ

3.22.20 Thank You!

Thank you Ilenia C., Lisa J., & Thomas K. for donating off of our Amazon Wish list πŸ’š These are amazing!

Interested in donating to the dogs in our rescue? Our list can be found here

3.21.20 Guess Who It Is?!

Stuck in the house? GUESS what? She’s still waiting for her forever home πŸ‘ 

Guess is ready to be loved!
🐢 Friendly
🐈 Friendly
Crate Trained

Please apply at to meet Guess one on one πŸΎ

3.20.20 Claire Bear

Thank you Blackberry Veterinary Center, PLLC for giving our girl, Claire, the best care. Claire visited them on Wednesday to start her Heartworm treatment & received so much love and attention from the great Vet Techs all day. 

One things for sure, whomever ends up adopting this sweet girl will be very lucky πŸ€ She’s our Dog of the Month so we’re waiving her adoption fee if you apply in March. We’d love to have a great home lined up for when she is ready. 
Apply at πŸΎ

3.19.20 The Puppies are Here!

What a great job momma ♥️ You are a rockstar! 10 adorable healthy puppies delivered between 9 pm -3 am on 3/15. Momma is tuckered out and taking great care of all of them.