Monday, January 30, 2017

1.29.17 Pitties in Ads

Love seeing pitties pop up in ads!

1.28.17 Ivy

Ivy had a busy day! We went to the groomer for a nail trim, Petsmart for a new collar, Home Depot for socialization (and grout) and now a little 'it's your choice'. 

She's doing so well!

*Ivy is currently behind the scenes in our adoption program while she works on her socialization skills.

1.28.17 Thank you10K Brewing!

Thank You 10K Brewing for hosting our adoption event today!

1.28.17 Adoption Event TODAY!

Beer 🍻 + Puppies

1.27.17 Thank you Benebone!

Thank You Thomas K. and Kari K. for nominating us in the Benebone giveaway!!

Two boxes arrived and we now have 21 Benebones for the foster dogs.

If you have not tried their bones, go to your local Chuck and Dons or Bentley's Pet Stuff and pick one up! Your dog will thank you. 😍

Friday, January 27, 2017

1.27.17 Adoption Event 1/28

Beer 🍻 + Puppies

1.26.17 Puppy Kissing Booth 2/12

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue will be in the store on Sunday, February 12th for our THIRD ANNUAL Valentine's Day Kissing Booth! 
A $1 donation will get you sloppy puppy kisses. Even if you're not in the market to adopt a puppy, it's the best day of the year for smooching & sharing the love!
If you are interested in adopting an amazing dog of any age, you'll get an opportunity to learn more about the adoption process (dogs are not available for same-day adoptions) from active fosters and rescue volunteers!

1.26.17 Adopt Event 3/4

1.25.17 Adoption Event 2/19

1.25.17 Adoption Event 1/28

Hope you will join us for beer and puppies!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1.24.16 Buster

Hi! I'm Buster Brown! Sometimes they call me Buster. But I really like BUSTER BROWN! I am about 6 months old now. And my Foster Family says I am a super great puppy . And handsome. And funny. Basically, I am Fantastic!
Things I know: I know "Sit", and "Go Potty " - I even know how to take myself out the doggie door, into the yard and potty, then come back inside ALL BY MYSELF! And when I can't get out the doggie door, I know to go to the back door that opens to the yard. I know what you want when you say Kennel". ...I run Right into my kennel for bed time or meals or whatever, "sometimes, I just run to my kennel because there is a chance that a treat might be coming my way!! I can wait nicely for my food in the kennel, and when I am done, I wait nicely for you to take me out for a potty. I can sleep ALL NIGHT long in my kennel. In the mornings, after I do a morning potty, I can easily go back to sleep for another hour or two if you let me snuggle you on the people bed. Wouldn't that be great, to have a snuggle buddy on the cold winter mornings?!!! I think so too!! I can wait nicely to have my feet cleaned after playing outside, and I let you put my winter booties on without any fuss. I snuggle like a BOSS....other dogs, people, I don't care. I just REALLY want to snuggle. Except when I am playing. Oh, I love to play! I am really good at it! Is my favorite thing to do after the snuggling. I can also walk on a leash really well. I love to go for walkings too!! (Though I am from Texas, and this Minnesota Winter stuff is pretty hard I DO need a jacket.)
Things I am learning: Wait at the door to come inside. Come when called. I am pretty good at this when you say "BUSTER BROWN"!!! Really happy like. But if you just say "Buster Come", I may or may not come right away. I am learning to SHake, so when I meet you, we can shake hands!
I think I am pretty smart, and if you spend some time teaching me, I can learn All of The Things, I just know it!!
So, if you are looking for a snuggle buddy, or someone to play with your other dog, I'm your dude! I would really like a sister. I have a Foster Sister and a Foster Brother who let me snuggle them when the people are busy, but I would really like a forever sister . I play really well with All the other dogs I have ever met in my entire life!!! 
Basically, I am AMAZING, it is true.

1.23.16 Gram

Gram is looking for his forever!

1.22.16 Kliff

Hope your Sunday is going something like this... Kliff will join you if you adopt him!

1.21.16 Puppies available soon!

Seriously Adorable.

The puppies will be up on the website soon and will be ready for their forever homes on Sunday. Apply today!

1.21.16 Hatter & Kodak

Hatter (tan) and Kodak (blue) are both available for adoption!

1.20.16 Nova

Little note from Nova's foster momma-

Okay, I couldn't resist showing off my favorite of her features. I call it her piggy tail. When she gets excited, it curls up like a pig's tail and wags. It doesn't bother her at all and doesn't hurt if you play with it.

Adopt Nova!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

1.19.16 Kliff

Nothing like a freshly laundered fuzzy blanket straight from the dryer <3

-Kliff, adopt me!

1.16.18 Sponsor a dog

Who is ready for Sponsor and Name a dog with Sylvia's litter?? 

Comment below so you will be notified as soon as the pictures go up! 

There are 3 females and 6 males. 

You get to name one puppy of your choice with a $95 donation.

The donation will cover the spay/neuter and microchip for the puppy.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

1.15.17 Nova

Pretty Nova!!! 

Adopt me!

1.14.17 Food Needed

Momma and babies are getting bigger! We are in need of puppy food. Can you help? 
Fromm Grain Free large breed puppy food or Nutri Source Grain free all life stages fish
Chuck and Dons In Coon Rapids- 763-746-5156 
If you call and buy a bag over the phone, let us know and we will pick it up ASAP. Thank you!!
P.S. If your interested in a puppy or mom, they will be ready on Jan 29. They will be up on the website in the coming week.

1.13.17 Foster Homes Needed

1.12.17 Zelda

Zelda playing Its Your Choice with her foster momma.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

1.7.17 Hatter Adoption Event 1/7

Hope your coming to visit us today!

1.6.17 Ivy

Ivy's getting a pep talk from her foster brother for her first adoption event tomorrow. She's excited!

1.6.17 Adoption Event 1/7

Stop by and see us tomorrow! Attending dogs are listed in the event. 

1.5.17 Bass

Hope your staying warm!! 
-Bass, adoptable

1.5.17 Dog Parks

Dog Parks... Go or Not?

1.5.17 Hatter

Looking for a pocket pittie? Hatter is your guy!

1.4.17 Domino

Domino (in the middle) is looking for his forever!

1.1.17 Mario

January 2017 Dog of the Month- Mario
Adoption fee waived!

12.31.16 Adoption Event 1/7

12.31.16 Pit Bull tree ornament

Thank You Nice Pitbull for the card and super cute ornament!!!! One of our lucky volunteers will be adding it to their tree next year.

12.31.16 Mario

Happy New Year's Eve!
-Mario, adopt me!

12.31.16 Ivy

Stay warm out there!
-Ivy, adoptable!

12.30.16 Looking for forever home

"Yo, peeps!! Just a reminder. ......still looking for my Forever Family. The lady said I can't stay here forever, even though this big dude says I Can, so I probably need a backup plan."

12.30.16 Buddy

Well yes Buddy - That is my dryer ball and I did not even see you sneak in the dryer to get it. Now turn it over and play with your toys and your foster brother. 
Adopt Buddy!!

12.28.16 Tillie (Adopted!)

Just a few days until this little hoodie wearing pittie goes to her forever home.