Friday, November 30, 2018

11.30.18 Upcoming Adoption Event TOMORROW- Bent Brewstillery

When: Saturday, December 1st 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Where: Bent Brewstillery 1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN 55113

See below for the dogs that will be joining us:

Meet Aris

Name: Aris
Nicknames: Pup, puppy, peanut
Age: 8 weeks (11/15/2018)
Activity Level: Puppy
Things I do in my free time: Sleep, snuggle, run around, chew on toys, do somersaults, sleep, repeat
Things I know or sort of know: Sit, up and down stairs
Things I am learning: Potty training, crate training
Kids: Slept through all interactions of being held, petted, etc., but did fine with those, could be a bit nippy if playing as she is still young and learning
Dogs: Fine, adults and other puppies
Cats: Unknown
Size: Less than 10 lbs
Car rides: Still getting better with this, so far does better riding with foster dog siblings than alone in the crate.

Additional Info from foster parent: Aris is a slightly spunky, sweet, little pup. She is still learning how to be independent from mom/siblings, so she appreciates having foster doggie siblings around or remaining close to you (especially if you’re willing to hold her). She likes to follow you around and will sit and stare up at you with her tail wagging in hopes of you giving her attention or food. She loves to snuggle and curl up into you. Being so young she still sleeps a lot, but when she’s ready to play she bounces all over the place and does somersaults. Then she crashes and goes back to sleep. We’re still working on getting her comfortable with the crate. She will cry for awhile at first, but then she settles down and sleeps through majority of the night. Sometimes there’s a whine here and there, but not as much as at the start. We’re also still working on potty training - she is very good about going outside but needs frequent outings to prevent accidents in the house as she is still learning to let us know she needs to go out. Aris has done well meeting new people and mostly just sleeps through these interactions at this point but is fine being handed off to whoever. This adorable little lady is sure to warm her way into your heart and can’t wait to meet her future forever family!

Meet Mari

Nicknames: Merle
Age: 5 months (as of 11/1/18)
Activity Level: medium
Things I do in my free time: Play with my squeaker toy, run laps in the yard, snuggle on the couch, & sniff my surroundings.
Things I know: sit, no, and kennel
Things I am learning: walking on a leash
Kids: unknown
Dogs: good
Cats: unknown
Size: medium
Car rides: good

Additional Info from foster parent: despite Mari's inability to see well, she is very aware of her surroundings. She will sniff everything in sigh & you may even find her sniffing the air. Sometimes she can bump into things but this does not stop her. She is a very good listener and is redirected easily. She can get nervous when it is dark as she cannot see you as well so she likes to stay by your side.

Meet Winnifred

Nicknames: Winnie, Mama Bear
Age: 1 year (as of 7/28/18)
Activity Level: Alternating spurts of energy and cuddle time!
Things I do in my free time: I love chew toys, playing tug, and wrestling with my dog foster brother, followed by crawling into a chair or a lap for some good TLC.
Things I know: My name, sit, shake, kennel
Things I am learning: Down
Kids: Unknown
Dogs: Great!
Cats: I want to be best friends forever!
Size: Medium
Car rides: A little nervous at first, but I calm down pretty quickly

Additional Info from foster parent: Winnifred is an absolute doll! She was picked up as a stray in Eagan. She came to us already knowing sit and shake. Why anyone would let go of this bundle of love is beyond me! She was a mama before she was rescued, but that all has been fixed now! She has perfected the sad puppy face and can get away with anything with those ears! She is interested in the resident cat, but only to play. If only the cat wanted to be friends, too. She does excellent in the kennel when we’re at work or at bedtime. Come morning or when we get home from work, her whole body wiggles she’s so happy to see us!


Meet Beau

Hello! My name is Beau and I'm a loveabull goofball! I am around 3.5-4 years old. I love to play and snuggle. I'm shy but I'm learning to have confidence and come out of my shell. I know basic commands, I great in my crate and I'm house trained! I'm still working on "come" and waiting. Whether you want a walking partner or a movie snuggle buddy, I'm your guy! I'd be best in a home with older kids, the little ones are a kinda scary. I haven't really met any cats yet but I do like other pups. I would love a family that will take the time introducing me to new adventures!


Meet Stanley & Cato


11.29.18 Meet Jamie!

Welcome to MPBR, Jamie!

Jamie loves people, to play, and she loves attention. If you like cuddles, she is the girl for you. She is very sweet. Jamie is not a big fan of being alone but we're working on this (we can't blame her, she did just arrive from Texas not too long ago and her history is unknown). She is Dog, Cat, and Kid approved! If you want to meet this sweet girl, please fill out an application at 🐾

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

11.28.18 Meet Holden

Hi, I'm Holden!
Everyone, Please Meet Holden!

I'm a 6 month old boy (as of 11/1/18) and I am pretty darn handsome! Once this skin condition clears up I'll be so stunning it'll knock your socks off! 
*Holden came to MPBR with a severe case of non contagious Demodex Mange. His skin was very irritated but it's an easy fix with some medicated shampoo and he is already feeling much better!
My foster momma tells me I'm a very good boy because I haven't potties in the house not once, I sit when asked, I go right in my kennel, I sleep quietly all night, I did great in the bathtub, getting my nails trimmed, riding in the car, and I'm smart! 
I'm learning things like "leave it", and "sit n wait" for my food, and what's appropriate manner with humans and doggies. I'm very friendly and submissive and love my current pittie and one Yorkie foster siblings! 
I looooove food, so I'm pretty easy to train, and at the rate I'm goin' I'll be top of any class one day! 
Well, that's my story, I'm Holden and I'm praying that one day soon you'll be holdin' me... furever!

11.27.18 Meet Autumn

Good morning from Autumn! 

Meet Autumn

Name: Autumn
Nicknames: Babygirl, sweetpea
Age: 8 weeks (as of 11/15/18)
Activity Level: High bursts followed by napping.
Things I do in my free time: I love any type of squeaker/rope toy! I love to play "nanner-nanner I have this toy you should come and get it". I wrestle with my 100 lb. dog foster brother and I stand my ground with some awesome spring action rolling and jumping. I enjoy running through rooms and down the stairs. I follow my big people around from room to room and it's a lot of fun!
Things I know: still working on but does intermittently follow sit, come, lets go potty.
Things I am learning: To complete my potty outside, to come every time when called, to leave it.
Kids: teenagers (3)
Dogs: 2
Cats: 1
Other Animals that I am friends with: A Bunny and a Tortoise.
Size: I am a puppy but will grow to be around 40-60 lbs.
Car rides: good so far. sleeps, or looks out window in a lap.

Additional Info from foster: We are working on kenneling. She loves to greet every new person when they wake in the morning. She loves to snuggle just like a baby under you chin while wrapped in blankets. She understands boundaries when older dogs give the warning. Autumn has super soft fur. She is shy at first but will warm up quickly. She will walk small distances (tiny legs!). On warmer days she loves to zip around the yard, and she does well with baths. She is a very kind, loving girl.

Monday, November 26, 2018

11.26.18 Meet Hugh!

Happy Monday! 

A couple little things for you this morning...

First- Meet this cutie! His name is Hugh & he’s officially available for adoption 🐾

Second- We’re partnering with our friends over at Odie & Board 💚

Check out these beautiful ornaments. They make great presents for any dog enthusiast & Odie & Board is donating a portion of the sales back to our rescue! Just use this link to place your order:

11.24.18 Hi from Anastasia & Baxter

Picked up this little puppy bed for Baxter... or Anastasia 😂

Anastasia/Baxter's bed
Still Baxter's bed...

Ok Baxter, you get the big bed...

11.23.18 Leftover Turkey, Anyone?

Vivian & Aris are enjoying their leftover turkey from yesterday!

11.23.18 Black Friday & Cyber Monday- Remember us!

Keep us in mind if you’re shopping any Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals! 

Use this link & Amazon will donate back to our rescue: 

Happy shopping!

11.22.18 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from these 3 cuties (all available for adoption!).

 We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday🐾

11.21.18 Meet Vivian

New to MPBR- Meet Vivian!

It's a sad reality that these great animals are often the last to be adopted. However, November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and we hope to find Vivian her home💚

She is 6 years old and great with other dogs. Viv has a calm & relaxed demeanor. Vivian is ready for her forever home where she knows she’s safe, warm, fed, and can get pets and snuggles. If you’re looking for a dog that’s willing to go with the flow and be a snuggle buddy, she is your gal!

For more information on Vivian, please read here bio.

11.20.18 A reminder from Beau

November 2018 Dog of the Month- Beau

November is almost over and Beau wanted to remind everyone he’s still here waiting to find his people.

Beau enjoys chin scratches, cuddling during a good movie, & romping around the yard with a toy or a canine companion. Beau would love to find a home before the holidays.

Please visit to meet our Dog of the Month and see why he’s the bestest boy ever.

11.19.18 Thank you!

Give to the Max day was an absolute success! 

We are blown away by the generosity from all of you ❤️

Thank you for all of the love and support and for allowing us to keep saving lives. You all are truly amazing.

For those of you who donated $100 or more- you will be contacted via email for your size and address on 11/26/2018.

We will be doing a drawing for all of our prizes & post them on our Facebook later today. The winners will also be notified via email.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

11.15.18 Give to the Max Day!

Give to the Max Day is here!!! 

We will be sharing several stories all day to help show how important your donations truly are. Please consider helping us during Minnesota’s largest day of giving. Donations of $100 or more will receive a limited edition Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue hoodie and several lucky donors will win goodies throughout the day!

Schedule your donation today:

11.14.18 Parker

Don’t let the pictures fool you, Parker & his foster brother had a great time attending Barktoberfest! Visit for information on adopting Parker 🐾

11.12.18 Hello from Winnie

Welcome back, Winnifred! Winnie was adopted this summer but unfortunately wasn’t the right fit for her adopter-which is perfectly ok! Sometimes that happens but we’re committed to making sure each and every adoption works for everyone involved. Winnie does well with dogs & cats. If interested in meeting this little ham, please head over to for more info!

11.11.18 Upcoming Adoption Event- 10K Brewing

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is excited to be back in Anoka at 10K Brewing! Please join us and visit with some of our dogs available for adoption. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your new best friend!

-Dogs attending will be announced by 11/16/18.
-Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue does not do same day adoptions. This is a perfect opportunity to meet with our dogs & learn more about their personality in person. A foster pawrent/volunteer will be available to answer any questions regarding our dogs & the adoption process.

11.9.18 Cato

Cato 💚’s his kitty sister! Visit to learn more about adopting Cato 🐾

11.8.18 Frisco!

Remember seeing Frisco pop up in August? Well she’s officially available for adoption! Frisco came to us after a ruff start as she had a broken jaw. She has healed wonderfully and is ready to start meeting people! If interested, please fill out an application at 🐾

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

11.7.18 Featured Foster September Edition

Meet Juan!

Who was your first foster?
Lincoln. He was an amazing little guy & so sweet!

Who is your current foster?
At the time, Miles. He was just adopted!

Why did you start volunteering?
Because all dogs need love and pit bulls need it more than most because of how they are looked upon as mean but that simply is not true. 

How long have you been volunteering with our rescue?
Just over a year now.

Do you have any pets?
We have Jaxie (5 1/2) our dog, and Nova is our cat.  We got Jaxie at 10 weeks through MPBR. Her name was Rylee when we got her. Nova is about 7.


Where is your favorite dog friendly place to take your pooches?
Jaxie loves to come to Home Depot with me. She gets pets and treats from all the employees.  She loves it! 

When not surrounded by dogs – what can you be found doing?
Lifting things up and down at my crossfit gym, or running around organizing art shows with my wife Danielle. 

Picking up Lincoln!
Do you have a favorite memory with one of your fosters? 

Too many to count!! But I'd say picking up our first foster Lincoln. He snuggled with Danielle the whole ride home.  It was great!

Do you have a special ritual for your fosters?
I take so many pictures of all the pups we have.  I will be making a scrapbook type thing when I get the time for sure. 

BarkBox is a subscription service that is awesome for you dogs! You get toys & treats delivered right to your door every month!

Each month one of our foster pawrents receives a BarkBox as a thank you.This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based-no shelters here! Each dog we are able to save is because a foster is willing to open their home for us