Tuesday, April 30, 2019

4.30.19 Last Call for April Dog of the Month

Ted’s all dressed up with no where to go. 

It’s May tomorrow meaning today is Ted’s last day as Dog of the Month. This snazzy fella would love to find his forever home. Please spread Ted’s picture around in hopes he can find his new people. Applications received today qualify for a waived adoption fee. Apply at www.mnpitbull.com 

#timeforted #adoptme

Monday, April 29, 2019

4.29.19 Business Bark Out- For Pet's Sake

April 29, 2019 | by Corey Lundgren (Bark Out Editor & Photographer)

Our 17th Business Bark Out is featuring For Pet’s Sake! Located in Blaine, they’re a great one-stop-shop for your whole furry family. For Pet’s Sake has a great selection of cat and dog products such as collars, leashes, food and treats. They’re dog friendly so your dogs can go in and pick out their favorite treats themselves. Plus, they have a self serve dog wash where they provide everything- you just bring the dirty dog!

For Pet’s Sake has held multiple adoption events for our rescue. They provided us with enough space for our pups and we had many people come out to greet them. They have a very welcoming environment and you can tell the employees love to see and meet the animals that come in. If you’re ever looking for a very friendly pet store that welcomes all breeds please give them a follow and definitely go check them out! Here's a couple #throwback pictures from previous events!

Do you have love for pitties or support the breed in some way? We'd love to give you your very own Bark Out-Please email our Event/Social Media Coordinator at Ashley@mnpitbull.com.

4.28.19 A message from Link

Link has two very important messages for today. 

The first, he's still available for adoption! As you can see from his pictures, he's a great office worker 😀 

Also, did you know we have a newsletter? Sign up at https://mnpitbull.com/Newsletter.html to get tons of great info right to your email once a month!

4.27.19 Meet Lucia

Hi - I’m Lucia

I’m crate trained, potty trained with frequent outings, and I love to play with all the dogs and toys. I need to work on not jumping up so much, but am extremely food motivated so I bet I can learn anything with some time and dedication! All of my siblings from the Caribbean litter have been adopted, but I still remain. Isn’t there a family out there for me??? I promise to put a smile on your face everyday! Visit www.mnpitbull.com for adoption information!

4.26.19 New dogs!

Meet the new faces of Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue! We’ll have some better pictures next week but for now we are just so excited to welcome Selah, Burly the Great Dane/Pit Mix, Baker the Rottie, Drew, Yumi, Lock, Shock, & Barrel! They’ll be leaving their foster homes in Texas and making the trip up north this weekend. All these cuties are officially accepting applications. Please head to www.mnpitbull.com for adoption information ♥️

Thursday, April 25, 2019

4.25.19 April Dog of the Month- Ted!

Hi, Ted here! I’m the Dog of the Month for April. That means my adoption fee is waived! 

I’ve had a couple of great people interested in me but I’m looking for the perfect match. I would love someone who is active that can take me on walks and play fetch (it’s my absolute fav). I like most dogs, cats are ok but kind of weird if you ask me. I also prefer big kids because little ones are kind of scary. I do well with slow intros and with a leader that I can really trust and turn to for guidance. Could that be you? 

Please head to www.mnpitbull.com if you think so or want more info 🐾

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

4.24.19 Meet Marshmello

My name is Marshmello and I am about 18 months old. I am roughly 50 pounds and I am deaf.
I was surrendered to a shelter in SC 5 months ago as a stray and just recently made my way to MPBR where I am staying in a foster home while I search for the perfect forever home.

I have a very high energy level and will need an active person. I am working with my foster momma on calming and refocus as quickly as needed when I get excited. She says I am making really great progress in just the short time I have been here.
There are 2 dogs that live here and I am starting to interact with them and doing well. I sometimes approach them quickly as I just want to play so as much as they want to play I need to slow it down a little.

I LOVE to play with toys with humans or all by myself.
I do not live with cats so I’m unsure if I like them at this time
I am not use to a kennel but am really improving on going in and calming down. Once I calm down I do very well hanging out while my foster mom is at work.
I ADORE all humans!! I LOVE to snuggle with them when I am tired. 

I am learning some hand signals and already know sit. I am working on come, down, wait and kennel up.
Treats are a favorite and I am willing to work for them. My foster momma gave me cheese just for posing with these bunny ear things on my head for Easter. I take my treats very gently.
I am also working on leash manners but will get that down pretty quickly.

My foster momma says I am a beautiful girl and have stunning baby blue eyes and I have a special love of life and having fun and I have a huge amount of potential.
Looking for a confident, caring dedicated human willing to love me, train me and make me the best that I can be!!!
If you think that might be you – please fill out an application at www.mnpitbull.com so we know if we might be a good fit.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

4.23.19 Meet Ember

Meet Ember! She’s a sweet little girl who’s almost 4 months old. Ember is wonderful and her personality is like no other. She is playful, silly and very intelligent. Don't let the silliness fool you, she'll have you wrapped around her little paws. Ember will do great with a family that is active, she is no couch potato. She enjoys long walks (even on the beach), playing fetch with ropes and just playing with people and dogs. Ember would do well as a single dog or even as an addition to add to the fur family. If you've been seeking a ball of energy with a great balance of goofiness, look no further, Ember is YOUR girl.
Kids: I love kids. My foster human brother just turned 5 and I love playing tag. I'm usually it but I'm pretty quick.
Dogs: I love dogs and do well with all sizes.
Cats: They are pretty cool and don't mind them.
Size: I'm a Jack Russell Terrier attitude and energy level, meets pit bull love and affection. I weight 16lbs and I'll probably get somewhere around 30lbs. So I guess you can call me a medium size dog with a HUGE PLAYFUL personality.

Monday, April 22, 2019

4.22.19 Business Bark Out- Elisa Thorson @ Ink Tailor

April 22, 2019 | by Corey Lundgren (Bark Out Editor & Photographer)

Our 16th Business Bark Out is for a wonderful artist named Elisa Thorson. You can find her at Ink Tailor located in Fridley, MN just off of University Ave. She has been tattooing for 9 years now and, due to a quick google search, we became very lucky for her to find us. Every year Elisa runs a toy & dog supply drive at their shop. She then donates all the items to us. Elisa's supporters have donated food, toys, beds, and everything else a dog rescue is always in dire need of (can we say poop bags galore?!). We are beyond grateful for the supplies. This year there was 2 truck loads!

Elisa has been around rescue dogs her entire life. Her Grandmother was a veterinarian and worked with rescues all the time. Elisa has been completely won over by pit bulls (I mean haven’t we all 😀 ) and decided that she could do something about all the dogs that are left behind. Please give her a follow, check out her tattoos and most of all LOOK AT HER CUTE PETS!

Do you have love for pitties or support the breed in some way? We'd love to give you your very own Bark Out-Please email our Event/Social Media Coordinator at Ashley@mnpitbull.com.