Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scarlet, the pine cone girl, 4.29.15

Scarlet is a spunky little 4 month old girl. 
Likes other dogs. 
Potty trained. 

Crate trained.

Fun fact- when Scarlet goes for a walk, she carries objects with her. Usually a pine cone. Silly girl.

Help us name the last two puppies!

Help us name the puppies! We have two puppies left without names.
Boys- Puppy A
Girls- Puppy E

Donate $25 and a name of your choice will go to the puppy of your choice.
Comment below if you want your chance at naming one of the puppies. Then go here within an hour and donate: 

Farrah and Demi 4.28.15

Farrah and Demi are both available for adoption.
Farrah and Demi had a sleep over at Kiara's house this past week. Thank you Kiara for being an awesome resident foster sister and having a great momma who is always willing to help!

Amazon Wishlist Help 4.29.15

We need some Amazon wishlist help.
First, Edith. Our elderbull. She has developed a cough. The vet checked her heart and lungs with an xray. Her heart is enlarged from the heartworm damage but everything else checked out fine. We are waiting on blood work to come back today but in the mean time the vet did want to start her on an antibiotic to get ahead of a possible bacterial infection. With this, we would also like to start her on a Probiotic to keep her system running and offset the antibiotic. Edith is in need of the Primal Defense Probiotic.

Second, Bernie. Bernie came to us with bladder issue including blood in the urine. Since then he has been in and out of the vet trying to figure out what is going on through xrays and an ultrasound. Yesterday, we got news that it is chronic cystitis. In order to treat this he needs to be on an a few different supplements along with raw food as it has the most water in it. Bernie is in need of the Primal Defense Probiotic, Solid Gold Berry Balance, and Aspen Flexile Plus.
Thank you!!
MPBR, Edith, and Bernie

Bernard 4.28.15

Oh Bernard.
Bernard is an 18 month old male who gets along wonderfully with cats and dogs. He is also crate and potty trained.
Adoption info-

Penny 4.28.15

Can you spot MPBR- Penny?
Penny has training Tuesday nights at Avaqyn Acres in Maple Grove. If you are interested in checking her out, email us!

Adopter Update: Wally!

Adopter Update: 
Happy first birthday, Wally! Thanks MPBR for adding this goofball and his older brother, Rudy, to our family! 
Wally, on the right was part of our Shiba Inu/Pit Bull litter in 2014 and Rudy, on the left was part of Lucy's litter in 2011.

We love seeing our adopted dogs all grown up, thank you for sharing Kelsy!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thank You for the Newspaper

Thank YOU to everyone who has donated newspaper. We greatly appreciate it!! 

Ellie and puppies will be available for adoption on May 10th but you can meet them May 2nd at our adoption day/garment sale along with Benny, Maud, Ditti, and Bernard. Check out our website for more details.


"It is so bright!"
Today's sunshine is approved by Brenna!
Brenna gets along with kids, cats, and dogs! She is a low energy dog. Brenna does like to play with the resident dog and go on walks with her foster family. She is crate trained, potty trained, and knows general house manners.
If you have room on your couch, time to dedicate to a dog, and room in your heart Brenna may be the girl for you!
It is going to be a beautiful day outside. Get out with your dog and do some exploring.

GoughNuts Update

Remember a few weeks back when a great supporter sent us a GoughNuts for our lucky dogs? Well Miss Livia has been testing it out and sure gets the Livia stamp of approval! smile emoticon 

This little green doughnut doesn't even have a mark on it, despite some good ol' fashioned puppy-gusto chewing. 

Any of your dogs enjoy a goughnut too?

Amazon Thank You!

Thank You Anonymous donor for the bag of food off of our Amazon wishlist. It went directly to Ellie and puppies.
(Usually Amazon includes a Gift From card but not this time so if this is from you, let us know.)

Meet Baymax!

Meet Baymax! 

Baymax came to us from Red Lake. He was an owner surrender. Baymax is 3 months old. He is crate and potty trained. 

Baymax needs a sponsor. 

Sponsorship is $83 (partial) or $166 (full) to help cover the cost of Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccines, and other medical needs.

Comment below if you would like to sponsor this boy!
Then click here to Sponsor-

PixSkull Fundraiser

PixSkull offers a variety of custom engraved products including a variety of dog breeds, sports, military, etc.
Their products would make a great Father's Day, Mother's Day, or Birthday gift!
PixSkull also did a custom glass for MPBR supporters that you will find in the Pit Bull section of the website.
YOU get 10% off your order and MPBR gets 15% of your order.
Code: mnpitbull10

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Puppy Play date with Olive! 4.21.15

Puppy Playdate with some well trained dogs!
Orlando (tan pittie in the middle) and Olive (white pittie on the bottom right) are both available for adoption.

Thank you Lauren! 4.21.15

Thank You Lauren P. for donating a leash from our Amazon wishlist! It will be going to foster with one of Ellie's puppies.

Puppies, Hoodies and Tshirts! Saturday May 2nd!

PUPPIES, Hoodies, and T-shirts.
Mark Saturday, May 2nd on your calendar.
Office in Maple Grove
Visit our event page on our website for details.

We will be having an Adoption Day and Spring Garment Sale.
T-Shirts $7
Hoodies $18
Bags $5
Bottle Opener $5
Ellie's puppies will join us along with Ellie, Bernard, and more adoptable dogs to be added soon!

Penny as a puppy 4.20.15

Seriously. Cute. Puppy Penny. 
MPBR- Penny is still looking for a forever home. Penny starts training tonight to sharpen the skills she already has and to learn some new ones. If you are interested you could always stop by her training class for the next 8 weeks to check her out in action.

Congrats to the dogs who found their forever homes 4/5/15-4/19/15

Congrats to the dogs adopted during the past two weeks! 


Thank you Sara B! 4.18.15

Thank You Sara B. for donating a leash, Nylabone, and two bags of dog food from our Amazon wishlist! The food went out the door before we could even get a picture of it. smile emoticon

We are in need of shelving!

Shelving: does anyone happen to have industrial shelving like this that they are not using and would like to donate? We need a way to separate all of our crates/kennels for easy access.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ellie's Puppies 4.17.15

Happy Friday!
The only thing that can make this day better is puppies and momma running to their foster mom. So Sweet!
Special shout out to their foster mom and dad for taking in Ellie and her puppies. We are incredibly lucky and thankful to have them on board. It is not an easy task to take care them for 8 weeks.

Farrah! 4.16.15

Farrah is looking for her forever home!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dog to Dog Aggression

Dog to Dog Aggression
"Dog tolerance comes from a blend of nature and nurture and is influenced by a dog's genetics, socialization, training and owner management ... not "How he was raised." You ultimately hold the key to your dog's success with other dogs." ~Bad Rap
We so often hear that people want a puppy because they don't want a dog aggressive dog, they would return a dog if it became dog aggressive, dog aggression is a myth and the list goes on.
We want people to fully understand that dog aggression happens and if you are adopting a dog you need to be prepared to deal with it. Bad Rap has a great article on understanding dog tolerance levels around other dogs.
Check out their whole website, it full of GREAT information!

Demi- Agility

Check out Demi and her agility skills! If you are looking for an agility dog, she is your girl!!!

Same/Opposite Sex Dog Households

Did you know that we typically do not adopt same sex dog households? (male/male or female/female)

We do this because opposite sex dog households tend to have less issues/fighting than same sex dog households.

Just one of our rules to strive toward success in multiple dog households.

Below is Bernie (white paw) and his foster brother George (resident dog in foster home). Bernie is available for adoption!

Amazon Thank You!

Thank You Mary Sue W. for the donations from our Amazon wishlist! Ellie's puppies are going to be excited and so will the big dogs about the toys!

Livia- Chiropractic Sponsors

This is Livia when she came into rescue September 2014. Since then she has done a complete 360 through chiropractic, raw food, and other holistic vet care measures. But, we have to keep up on her chiropractic care to keep her body moving well. Livia goes to Rhythm Of Life Animal Chiropractic once a week. Each appointment is $40.

Would you mind sponsoring one of her appointments?

Littermate Syndrome

We have received quite a few emails lately from potential adopters wanting to adopt two dogs at once or littermates. We usually say No and this is why...

Penny- Agility 4.12.15

Our first adoption/training event at our office was a great success with lots of visitors! Check out MPBR- Penny learning some of the agility equipment.

Livia 2.14.15

LOOK at Livia- She is so beautiful!
(Thank you BeeBeeGee for the photos!)
Livia does great with dogs, cats, and kids.
Find out more about her here:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

March 2015 Donors

THANK YOU to our March monetary donors! 
Sponsor a Dog- Mark P., Wendy B., Mike S., Terri H., and Lynell L. 
ResQwalk walkers 
Michael K. Dennis F. 
Jumping Bean Vicki M. 
Carol S. Josie S. 
Barbara H. Michele H. 
Carol M. Erica P. 
Linda L. Lynell L. 
Peggy S. Dylan K. 
Tammi P. Tiffany H. 
Marie B. Anne P. 
Katalin F. Dana S. 
Susan L. Scott W. 
Bobbie C. Todd J. 
Shawnna G. Julia S. 
Diana H. Dan V. 
Amy A. Holly H. 
Vince V. Cassandra N. 
Andrea K. Carmen P. 
Anonymous Becky H. 
Kelly A. Rebecca V. 
John F. Sheng H. 
Greater Twin Cities United Way donors 
The Benevity Community Impact Fund donors
WF Community Support/United Way Campaign donors
(Amazon donations are listed separately)

February 2015 Donors

THANK YOU to our February monetary donors! 
Steven M Erica P. 
Josie S. Tiffany H. 
Tiphanie M. Sarah R. 
Beth K. Sarah D. 
Valerie G. Melissa I. 
Todd C. Leslie C. 
David S. Pamela L. 
Hannah G. Megan J. 
Kristin P. Jennifer B. 
Jacob P. Andrea K. 
Kelly A. John F. 
Taylor L. Vince V. 
Jerry G. Anonymous 
Michael D. Brittani R. 
Kristina W. 
Amazon Smile donors
Kissing Booth donors 
Thomson Reuters/My Community Program donors 
(Amazon donations are listed separately)

January 2015 Donors

THANK YOU to our January monetary donors! 

Woof Trax walkers 
Barbara H. Richard M. 
Michael K. Sundance Farm
Cheryl W. Diana H. 
Linda L. Svetlana A. 
Amy A. Stephen P. 
Theresa D. Austin P. 
Erin K. Emily L. 
Elizabeth H. Anonymous 
Vince V. Josie S. 
Tiffany H. Andrea K. 
Anonymous Alexandra K. 
Brandon S. Danielle L. 
Jamie S. Daphne L. 
Robert & Donna H. Memorial Fund given by Samuel & William H. 
At&t Employee Giving Campaign donors 
Network for Good donors 
Paypal Giving Fund donors 
Laboratory Staffing
(Amazon donations are listed separately.)

Welcome Ellie's Puppies!

Welcome Ellie's puppies!
5 males and 3 females
The puppies were born March 15, 2015.
They will be ready for their new homes when they are 8 weeks old on May 10, 2015.
We will be having a naming fundraiser next week so get your ideas ready!!

Welcome Ellie!

Welcome Ellie!
Ellie came into animal control as a stray. Shortly after entering animal control she gave birth to 8 puppies. This is Ellie's first and last litter. She is about a year old. Ellie does great with cats and dogs. She was pretty skinny when we picked her up so we are working on getting weight back on her.
Ellie's puppies will make their appearance later today so stay tuned!
Sponsorship is $83 (partial) or $166 (full) to help cover the cost of Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccines, and other medical needs.
Comment below if you would like to sponsor Ellie!
Then click here to Sponsor-

Pit Stop 4.12.15

Come by and meet some of our adoptable dogs! 
Sunday, April 12th.  
Maple Grove Office

Dogs attending: