Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10.12.1 Vinca is looking for a home


Age- 13 weeks old (9.14.17) 

Adoption fee $350 

Vinca has had a lot of applications. You can apply for her and we will pick a family based on best fit. She will be at our adoption event on October 1st to meet everyone. See our website for adoption and event details. 
*we will not be adopting her out of the Twin Cities area. 
*we will not be adopting her to a family with another female dog in the home. 

Vinca needs a training plan, this will be required by the adopter to put together and get approval by us. Vinca is not for your average dog owner, she needs an owner who is going to provide her constant and consistent structure and is going to DO something with her energy, spunk, and drive. We want the adopter and Vinca to be successful for the rest of her life so we feel requiring these items will help drive that success. 

You have likely seen the videos of Vinca on our facebook page. She is doing great with training but ALL of that training will disappear if she is not enrolled in training immediately (for at least the next year+ as she matures) and therefore her naughty behaviors will creep back up with a new owner. 

Vinca is a very curious, strong minded dog and isn't afraid to try new things. 

Vinca does not like to be carried nor does she care much for physical touch. 

She will push (and continue to push) boundaries until you prove her that you are in control. 

She socializes well with both humans and dogs but can be a little more extreme and pushy with 'softer' dogs, she currently is living with a maltese and a pit bull. She does well with them but loves to play and will need someone to monitor playtime as she does not know when to stop. 

She has high drive to chase the ball or tug, she is also very food driven, which would make her a fun dog for active training. 

Again, she will need a strong handler who will fulfill her needs through leadership and training. 

From Vinca's trainer and foster family- 

When Vinca came to us... 
day 1, she was sweet..quiet...( That's how they get you!! don't fall for it!) 
day 2, she started nipping, whining (must correct the behavior!) 
day 3 she started being demanding, barking (create space, correct bark) 
day 4 she tested our limits, pushing boundaries (not listening to commands, fighting the leash on the walk, biting the leash, breaking command, testing to see if we are consistent!) 
day 5- she started understanding our rules and structure (she tried all that she could but she sees we're pretty solid with getting what we want) 
day 6- she knows who's leading (she feels we are strong enough to lead her and control her environment..she start listening, we become more and more valuable to her, so she hangs around us for safety) 
day 7- she is awesome! We expect the next few days to become even better! (we did it! she fully respects and trust us, now we're talking!) 
She still tries to find little windows of opportunity to slip through here and there..but guess what? It's not working! :p We 're holding her accountable already so she is learning that trying..gets her nowhere...but listening gets her awesome things! 

Remember, good relationships don't happen over night..it takes hard work, commitment, trust and respect for it to be successful. 

Adoption fee $350 

Adoption Application- www.mnpitbull.com


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