Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12.28.16 Domino

Domino is looking for his forever!

12.27.16 Hatter

Introducing Hatter!

12.26.16 Adoption Event 1/28

12.26.16 Six New Puppies

Six NEW puppies that we welcomed this past week. Two more dogs will be introduced tomorrow.

12.25.16 Selleck

Merry Christmas! -Selleck

12.25.16 Puppy Christmas

Merry Christmas!

12.25.16 Cisco

Merry Christmas! -Cisco

12.25.16 Buddy

Merry Christmas! -Buddy

12.25.16 Bass

Merry Christmas! -Bass

12.25.16 Kliff

Merry Christmas! -Kliff

12.25.16 Zelda

Merry Christmas!

12.24.16 Zelda and Truffle

Zelda and her resident foster brother Truffle.

12.24.16 Bass


12.24.16 Buddy

Buddy loves himself a good game of fetch.

12.23.16 Buster

Buster is ready for Christmas!

12.23.16 Rowyn

Rowyn will be helping fly the sleigh this year!

12.22.16 Sylvia

Introducing Sylvia! 
1 year old female 

Mom and babies will be available in February.

12.22.16 Harriet

Introducing Harriet!
12 week old lab/pit female

12.22.16 Thank you for the Christmas presents!

THANK YOU to all the foster dog toy wishlist donors!!! All of the dogs were so excited, some couldn't even hold still for a picture. 
Happy Pawlidays!!

12.21.16 Puffin

Introducing Puffin! 

12.20.16 Nova

Introducing Nova!
5 month old female

12.20.16 Cliff

Just a few days until Christmas and I am looking for that someone special to smooch. -Kliff

12.20.16 Domino

Meet Domino, 5 month old male

12.19.16 Bass

Meet Bass, 1 year old male Pit/Basset

12.19.16 Zelda

We have 7 new dogs to introduce you to this week. You can read more about each dog on our website. 

Meet Zelda, 5 month old female

12.18.16 Rowyn

Rowyn is not impressed by all of the white stuff. She asked if her furrever home could be in Hawaii, please?

12.17.16 Cisco


Have one? Share with us! 

(You can adopt this fantastic dog 😜)