Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10.14.17 Meet Nikki! (Update: Adopted!)

8 weeks on Sept 5, 2017 

Adoption fee $350 

Name: Nikki 
Nicknames: Little Nikki 
Age: 9 weeks 
Activity Level: low for a puppy 
Things I do in my free time: Play tug of war with my favorite rope. Snuggle. Watch cartoons. 
Things I know: Good girl. No. Come here. Wanna go outside? 
Things I am learning: Patience. 
Kids: Love then 
Dogs: I get along with all sizes. 
Cats: Not sure 
Size: I'll be 50+ lbs 
Car rides: They put me to sleep. 
Additional Info from foster parent: 

Hello, my name is Nikki... AKA Little Nikki. I'm cute, smart, and spunky. My favorite things to do are snuggle, play tug of war, and follow my foster mom around the house. I love my crate and sleep in there all night without an accidents or whining (as long as I can listen to my tropical rain forest white noise machine). I'm on a regular feeding and potty break routine so I don't have any accidents in the house. I sleep a lot right now, but love to play when I'm awake. 

Interested in adopting? Apple here- www.mnpitbull.com


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