Thursday, April 5, 2018

4.6.18 April Dog of the Month-Chance! (Update: Adopted!)

Chance is the Dog of the Month!

What does that mean exactly? 
Each month we pick one dog that has been with us a little longer than others to be featured as the "Dog of the Month" meaning their adoption fee is waived. 
A mandatory training class (with a training facility of the adopter's choice) is still required as well as home & reference checks. 
If you’re interested in Chance, please visit for adoption information. 

Meet Chance 

Name: Chance
Age: 8 Months (as of 3/8/18)
Activity Level: High
Things I do in my free time: Play! I love toys, the squeakier the better. I love to try and play with my foster sister. I love to play tug and chase. And after all that play I love to nap hard.
Things I know: Sit, Lay Down, Shake, and Speak.
Things I am learning: Come, Stay, drop it (I'm not very good at this one yet)
Kids: I have spent time with an older kid (11 years old) but not with any younger kids. I can be mouthy when I play so older would probably be best for me.
Dogs: Love them but I am working on boundaries. I do back off when my foster sister doesn’t appreciate how I play but then I go right back at it. I would enjoy a dog friend with similar energy levels and play style to myself.
Cats: I will do well with a dog savvy cat (one that doesn’t hiss or run away). I met one at a fosters house and wanted to play but listened to queues and did well playing softer over time.
Size: Medium/Large
Car rides: Love them & I do well.
Additional Info from foster parent:
Chance is a sweet boy with a ton of energy. He loves to play play play and then play some more. He can be a bit intimidating to other dogs at first because he really wants to play with them. He needs some work on manners but he is extremely smart and will pick up on this quick. He is crate trained and does really well. He will sometimes cry a little at first but settles down really quick. He is potty trained and will ask to go out (usually waits and whines by the door or will paw at the door). He figured out on night one in my
house which was the door he goes out for potty and knows to wait by that door.
He can be a bit stubborn but that's the puppy in him testing his boundaries. With training he will be an incredible companion. Chance has issues when it comes to high value treats/toys. He can become possessive when another dog is around. High value bones would need to be given in a kennel if you have other animals until he works on this.

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