Friday, January 26, 2018

1.26.18 Meet Bronx! (Update:Adopted!)

Meet Bronx

Age: Six Months (as of 1/21/18)

Activity Level: Active, happy, but can chill on the couch too.

Things I like to do: chase a ball, play with toys, play with my resident dogs, run in the yard, cuddle, and wiggling.

Things I know: Potty trained! Sit, treat, sit for feeding, kind of knows “leave it”. I am crate trained too!

Things I am learning: Come, down, working on leave it, basic obedience.

I’m good with kids, dogs, and cats. My previous owner had a cat & I did well at meeting a volunteer’s cat.

Size: stocky, low to the ground, about 40 pounds

Car Rides: Good
I am a happy, loving, wiggly, affectionate, kissy boy! I love everyone and every thing. I am learning about walking on a leash and I play well with other dogs in the yard. I am smart and have adjusted very quickly to the routines in my foster home. I am very treat motivated and I want to please. My foster family is amazed because so far, I do not make any sounds, not even whining! I would love to be in a home where I would get basic obedience training (or more.) After I run in the yard or go for a walk I like to lay by my foster family and chew a toy or snuggle on the couch and sleep. My foster mom wants you to know that I could NOT be any cuter!

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