Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1.23.18 Huey (Update: Adopted!)

Meet Huey

Name: Huey

Age: 7 Years

Weight: 70 pounds

Activity Level: Low/Moderate

Things I do in my free time: I love chewing on bones and taking naps!

Things I know: My name, Sit

Things I am learning: Come, Lay down (I'm getting close with this one!)

Kids: I get along with kinds great! Due to my size, I can bump into them from time to time so I'd do well with kids that are a little bit bigger than baby sized. Although, I'm a gentle giant so I'm sure I could learn to leave a bubble!

Dogs: I do well around medium to equal sized dogs, honestly I really don't seem to care about dogs too much, I'm kind of independent. Dogs 40+ pounds would be good for me.

Cats: I do not do well with cats or squirrels... small animals in general really.

Crate: I stay in a crate when my foster mom leaves.

Additional Info from foster parent:
Huey is a sweetheart of a dog. Love, love, loves people. Loves to snuggle. He's good with his foster sister, they pretty much just hang out. He definitely prefers the company of humans. He is housebroken. But he is pretty much the happiest dog & his tail is always wagging. Huey loves lying around and chewing on Nylabones and Benebones.

Huey needs work on obedience and on his leash walking. As of right now he will take you wherever he wants to go. Huey will need an owner that is prepared and committed to training with him.

If you've followed Huey, you've probably noticed he disappeared for awhile. We were so excited that this handsome hunk found a home. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, it sadly did not work out. This does happen from time to time. It definitely broke some hearts, including his former family. At MPBR we are determined to find a home that works for all of our dogs. We believe there is still a happy ending for Huey and look forward to his future! Could that be with you?

Adoption fee- $0 (waived)
Huey was the Dog of the Month for June 2017. Since he is still available, his adoption fee remains waived
For more pictures of Huey, please visit his bio
Interested in the adoption process? Please visit mnpitbull.com 

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