Monday, April 22, 2019

4.22.19 Business Bark Out- Elisa Thorson @ Ink Tailor

April 22, 2019 | by Corey Lundgren (Bark Out Editor & Photographer)

Our 16th Business Bark Out is for a wonderful artist named Elisa Thorson. You can find her at Ink Tailor located in Fridley, MN just off of University Ave. She has been tattooing for 9 years now and, due to a quick google search, we became very lucky for her to find us. Every year Elisa runs a toy & dog supply drive at their shop. She then donates all the items to us. Elisa's supporters have donated food, toys, beds, and everything else a dog rescue is always in dire need of (can we say poop bags galore?!). We are beyond grateful for the supplies. This year there was 2 truck loads!

Elisa has been around rescue dogs her entire life. Her Grandmother was a veterinarian and worked with rescues all the time. Elisa has been completely won over by pit bulls (I mean haven’t we all 😀 ) and decided that she could do something about all the dogs that are left behind. Please give her a follow, check out her tattoos and most of all LOOK AT HER CUTE PETS!

Do you have love for pitties or support the breed in some way? We'd love to give you your very own Bark Out-Please email our Event/Social Media Coordinator at

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