Wednesday, April 8, 2020

4.9.20 Volunteer of the Month- Meet Stacy

March 2020 Volunteer of the Month- 

Meet Stacy!

How did you find out about Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?

I think I found them on Facebook.

Louise when we adopted her
Why did you decide to volunteer for MPBR?

After we adopted Louise (part of the Texas 8 litter, always named Louise) we wanted to help where we could.

How long have you been volunteering with the rescue?

I believe it’s been around 3 years now.

What was the last thing you volunteered for?

The last thing I volunteered for was some home checks.

Home checks are the best & so important- it's the last part of the adoption process to make sure the family is ready for their new dog.   

Juniper & Louise
Do you have any pets of your own?

Two dogs, both MPBR Alumni members, Louise & Juniper.

How would your pets describe you? 

A total pushover.

When you're not surrounded by dogs, what can you be found doing?

Reading or knitting- I’m a nerd!

Do you have a favorite memory that happened while you were volunteering?

Juniper when we adopted her
Meeting Juniper for the first time. We were fostering her & she was one of the 3 sisters in the litter who all had mange. Juniper was a tiny, stinky little thing and we loved her from the very start. We’re totally foster fails!

Do you have any advice for current or future volunteers?

Fostering isn’t the only help the rescue needs! If you can’t foster, you can still help!


Each month an active volunteer is featured on our website & receives a gift card as a thank you. This is just a small way for us to show our appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have for this rescue. We are 100% volunteer based and we couldn’t do this without each and every one of our members 

Interested in volunteering? Check out some info here
If you’re interested in helping us with the donation to our volunteers, click here.

4.8.20 Bunny Baskets

Help support MPBR and receive some fun for your dog, just in time for the weekend!๐Ÿฐ

In February, we took in a litter of 14 puppies now known as the “Nut Litter”. Four of those puppies came down with parvo a few days after they entered their foster home. Luckily all 4 pups survived and are doing great! The treatment has unfortunately left us with another high, unexpected vet bill.

๐Ÿ”ธThe first 7 people to donate $75 will receive a Bunny Basket filled with goodies for their dog.

Wood Bunny Basket ๐Ÿฐ
Kong Wubba toy
Bunny Slipper toy
Soft treats
Crunchy treats

You can donate here Or email us and we will send you the link to donate (you will need to donate within 24 hours).

Pick up in St. Paul, Coon Rapids or Maple Grove. Delivery is also available depending on location.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

4.7.20 Foster of the Month- Meet Stephanie


Meet Stephanie!

Autumn & Guess
Why did you start fostering for MPBR?

I have owned AKC Staffordshire Terriers for 20 years and I adopted my second dog from MPBR. I decided why not help more of these amazing dogs if I’m able to.

Who was your first foster?


Who is your current foster?


How long have you been volunteering with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?

Since 2018.

When your friends/family find out you volunteer with MPBR, what do they say or ask?

They usually ask things like “How do I handle so many big dogs? How can I give them up? Do I help with the adoptions? Do they need a lot of training and exercise?” I don’t get as much negativity as I did many years ago. I think I have been a great advocate for the bully breed as all my friends, neighbors, families through my sons sports teams, and even my family who were scared of the breed now get to see, in action, just how awesome these dogs are and how they can coexist with all my animals just like any other breed.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, two pitties, a cat, a rabbit, a tortoise (who roams the house freely & even the yard during warmer months), 3 lizards, a hermit crab, and fish.

When you're not surrounded by dogs, what can you be found doing? 

My happy place is surrounding myself with my dogs. During warmer weather we are out in the yard making it pretty with flowers. This will be my second summer with a boat so I will be doing as much boating as possible once off quarantine. I can’t wait to teach the pups to swim!

Where is your favorite dog friendly place to take your pups? 

I like to take them to my son’s baseball games. I take my big guy to a mental health facility where I work.

Do you have a favorite memory with one of your fosters? 

I was super excited to have my very own Target dog (Cider) that was just cool but she was smarter than a trained IT Tech. I have different favorites for each foster I’ve had though. My current foster cracks me up. She is the biggest (appropriate) guard dog I’ve had. She (Guess) will talk & howl when she hears something, when she can’t see who it is right away, or when she just flat out wants your attention. It makes the whole family giggle. She thinks she is way bigger than she is.

Do you have a special ritual you do for your foster pups? 

I usually take all the pups on a walk to Chuck & Don's to sniff out a treat as a welcome gift. Then we usually stop there again to get exposure to other people, animals, and learn to walk on a leash as a pack.

Autumn (as a puppy)
New question submitted by our previous Foster of the Month: Which foster stole the biggest part of your heart and why? 

Autumn, she is now my princess. We fostered her for awhile and she was just not getting adopted. My family grew use to her being with us daily. My kids kept saying our other two dogs were already attached, it was Christmas time, and my Grandpa had just passed away; there was not a day that I cried alone. That little puppy just snuggled right up with me and gave me an abundance of kisses that I needed; it was like the pups just knew. I must say I agreed to adopt her initially because of my kids but she is now treated like the queen of the house. She is the perfect mix of awesome with just a splash of naughty.

Would you like to give a shout out to anyone in MPBR?

I would like to give a shout out to the whole MPBR community. I have been able to ask so many questions and have met so many kind dog lovers in one spot, it’s awesome. Laura, Ashley, and Corey have let me bug them the most to which I am thankful for. 


Each month one of our Foster parents will receive a gift card as a thank you. This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based. Each dog we are able to save is a result of someone willing to open their home for us.

Are you interested in becoming a Foster with MPBR? Click here for more information. Can't foster/volunteer but want to help in another way? Help by donating next months gift card! Click here

Monday, April 6, 2020

4.6.20 Happy Monday from the Puppies

Happy Monday from the TP ๐Ÿงป Litter! 

These little ones will be available for adoption in May ๐Ÿพ They are 3 weeks old and have started to play with /chew on each other ๐Ÿ’œ
Answers to FAQs-
•When will they be available for adoption?
In May. You can find a list of our Adoptable Dogs on our website. This litter will be added to that list when ready & we will make an announcement on our page when we start accepting applications.
•Can we apply now?
No, we will not start the adoption process on this litter until May.
•Will they be spayed/neutered?
Yes, all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and it is covered in the adoption fee
•How much is the adoption fee?
2-5 months olds are $400, 5-9 months is $350, 10+ months are $250
•Boys ๐Ÿ’™ Northern, White Cloud, Kirkland, Marcal, Tesco, & Scott
•Girls ๐Ÿ’– Mom Novelle, Coronet, Charmin, Cottenelle, Caprice.
All adoption information can be found on our website: ๐Ÿพ

Sunday, April 5, 2020

4.5.20 Support Sunday

It’s Support Sunday
We wouldn’t be here without all of you who continue to help us along the way. Thank you to the ‘family of pittie lovers’ for sending us these gifts. We know some rescue dogs who are going to love them!

Want to send something for the MPBR dogs? Find our list here

4.5.20 Second Chance to Give to the Max!

Oops, we ordered too many!

If you didn't get a chance to make your Give to the Max Day donation in November for an exclusive MPBR hoodie, now is your chance! Sizes are VERY limited so you better be quick! Order here ๐Ÿ’›

Every year, donors who contribute $100 or more receive a limited edition hoodie. This is your very last chance to grab your 2019 Give to the Max Day hoodie! Don't wait!

Did you miss our post back in November? See all of the amazing work our rescue did throughout the last year here.

Friday, April 3, 2020

4.3.20 New to MPBR- Meet JJ

Everyone, meet JJ! He is an absolute delight. If you are looking for an affectionate, loving and much needed companion; JJ is your man. He doesn't chase balls, doesn't care much for chew toys or ropes, all JJ needs is your lap and let me tell ya, he will lay in your lap (for hours). JJ has a calm demeanor and loves belly rubs and people/dogs. He is just a sweet boy who is looking for both human and dog companionship. And how could you say no to that underbite?

Interested in meeting JJ? Apply at