Tuesday, August 20, 2019

8.20.19 Meet Marshmello this Sunday!

Marshmello thinks today is perfect napping weather. Wouldn’t you agree?

Meet Marshmello this Sunday at MN Nice Cream from 1-3 PM. Details here: Adoption Meet & Greet

Sunday, August 18, 2019

8.19.19 Business Bark Out- Red Cape CPR Training, LLC

August 19, 2019 | by Corey Lundgren (Bark Out Editor)

Jacob Andrew McBride(1995 – 2017)
This Business Bark Out is for an amazing organization, Red Cape CPR Training, LLC. Red Cape CPR is run by two great people, Lisa & Chris. They formed Red Cape after the loss of Lisa's son/Chris' step-son, Jacob Andrew McBride, in 2017. He passed away at the age of 21 due to an opioid overdose. Naloxone and CPR could have saved his life. In Jacob's memory, they vow to do everything they can, when they can, for as long as they can to help others in need (animals included).

Lisa  & Chris
Red Cape CPR Training is generous enough to also focus on a Rescue of the Month. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue has been named theirs for August. We were happy to have Red Cape CPR join us at our adoption event at the beginning of the month. They provided information to our guests and raffled off a CPR certification course with the proceeds benefiting our rescue. Please check them out in the Education Building during the Minnesota State Fair.

Do you have a love for pitties or support the breed in some way? We'd love to give you your very own Bark Out. Please email our Event/Social Media Coordinator at ashley@mnpitbull.com.

8.19.19 Business Bark Out - Nokomis Tattoo

August 12, 2019 | by Corey Lundgren (Bark Out Editor)

This Business Bark Out is for our friends over at Nokomis Tattoo Shop. They are located in South Minneapolis in the Nokomis area and do walk-in tattoos everyday as well as appointments. This shop is owned & operated by Mike Welsh, better known in the tattoo world as "Metal Mike". He is a huge advocate for the pit bull breed and is doing great things in the community. 

Nokomis Tattoo has a great event space separate from where their artist tattoo. This is what makes it possible for them to be the first tattoo shop in Minnesota to host dog adoption events. Their first one is coming up on August 24th with Underdog Rescue. There will be free treats and refreshments for humans and dogs provided by Thirsty Whale Bakery and they will be doing several giveaways! 

Mike & his family adopted their pit bull, Cricket, six years ago through Underdog Rescue. They have a beautiful mural of Cricket and Oliver (their other dog) painted on the back of their shop. Nokomis Tattoo will be hosting an adoption event with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue on Saturday, October 12th from 1-3:00 P.M. We are grateful for Mike and everyone at Nokomis Tattoo, not only for allowing us to share their space, but for their recent donation to our rescue and for being great advocates for the pit bull type breed. Please, stop by their shop and check them out and swing by both their events on August 24th and October 12th!

Do you have a love for pitties or support the breed in some way? We'd love to give you your very own Bark Out. Please email our Event/Social Media Coordinator at ashley@mnpitbull.com.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

8.17.19 Benebone Wishlist

Our MPBR dogs love Benebone’s! So much in fact that we only have 2 left 😱Can you help make some doggos happy? Send one to them from our Amazon wishlist:

Friday, August 16, 2019

8.16.19 Amira

Our other Dog of the Month, Amira, met a new buddy recently and they loved each other! Amira (the white dog in the video) is searching for her new home! Her bio is listed here if you'd like to take a peek. Or you can apply to meet her at www.mnpitbull.com

8.16.19 Auction ends TONIGHT!

Today is the last day for our auction! Help us pay our vet bills ❤️ Auction ends tonight at 7:00!

Place your bid here

Thursday, August 15, 2019

8.15.19 Hi from Marshmello

Have you ever thought about adding a deaf dog to your pack? Ever wonder what it would be like? Here’s what our foster, Joan, had to say: 

“Living with a deaf dog has been so many things and I am honored to have had this opportunity. There are so many similarities between having a deaf dog and a dog who is able to hear. Any dog whether they are deaf or not should have manners, expectations, trust, opportunity to be confident, be loved and have fun. The unconditional love and respect you get in return will be the end result. The experience is incredibly satisfying, but the responsibility of teaching, guiding and keeping them safe is real. Both dog and person will have many 'Ah Ha' moments and equally as many moments of trying and trying again until you figure it out. You are in this together. You will succeed". 

If you're willing to give Marshmello a shot, please contact us by filling out an adoption application at www.mnpitbull.com

Our Dog of the Month, Marshmello, says “it’s ok foster mom, you can be done with work now. My heads not giving you any trouble, is it?”