Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pride 2015

We will be at the Twin Cities Pride Festival today and Sunday. Stop by our booth #0110 to visit with adoptable dogs, get kissed by one of our adorable adoptable puppies, learn about MPBR and purchase MPBR merch!
This is a dog friendly event.

The newest bunch 6.25.15

We are pleased to introduce you to eight very lucky puppies! We will have individual pictures and personalities up soon. They are 11 weeks old. All eight puppies need an individual Sponsor to cover their vetting and to NAME them. smile emoticon
"MPD recently responded to an animal abuse report. Found 8 Pit puppies in a small kennel covered in feces and in poor health. We share this to show the types of conditions that "some" (don't go nuts here...we said some, not all) conditions that some puppies are raised in. Please... Have you pet spayed or neutered. There is no reason for this to happen. You will notice the two last pics... one is before a bath and the last after the bath...the dogs were surrendered by the owner's and they were both cited for animal abuse. The dogs will eventually go to a Pit Rescue in the Metro. MPD has had over 11 calls to this residence for other animal complaints... typically lose dogs.. in the last 2 years. All animals, including cats, must be registered with the city. All animals, including cats, but be restrained." Montevideo FB page

Some pictures from when we picked them up at animal control:

Turner 6.25.15

Turner had a great weekend out exploring his foster grandparents property.

Saphie 6.24.15

Saphie smiles

Myrna 6.24.15

Myrna learned to swim on Saturday. Picked it up in about 3 minutes! She's amazingly fearless in the water.

Azra needs a foster! 6.24.15

Azra is in need of a foster home. She is 14 weeks old. Azra does well with dogs and kids. No info on cats but she is still a puppy so it should be a easy learning curve. She is crate and potty trained.
Please email if you can help.

Maud and her foster brother 6.23.15

Beautiful sweet Maud staying cool with her foster brother Joe!
Info on Maud- 

New Office Hours!!

Our retail area of our office is officially OPEN!
We have in stock:
Tennis Balls
Flirt Poles
Zukes Treats
Jolly Eggs
Bully Sticks
Rescue dogs blank note cards
All money spent on purchases goes directly back to the rescue. So shop local and give back to the rescue!
Have something you would like to see us carry? Send us an email-

Leila 6.21.15

Leila is a 14 week old female. Best guess is Pit/Lab mix. Leila is doing great with potty and crate training. She also lives with children and another dog who she does wonderful with.

Sid's Transformation 6.20.15

Sid's transformation update in pictures.
We are still in need of help with our vet bill, if you have your $10 coffee money to spare! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Newest addition! 6.18.15

Our new gal about to take her freedom ride from MACC. More info to come soon...

Electric shock in dogs 6.18.15

Millions of toys and they choose to chew on an electrical cord.
Electric shock in dogs:

Olive 6.18.15

Olive watching her foster dad grill on the deck. Gotta make sure he doesn't burn the burgers!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Update: Ditti now Paco 6.15.15

Update on Ditti now Paco: 

Hi Laura! Wanted to let you know that Paco is doing great and he's the love of our lives. Here's some pictures.

Mom, we're getting a puppy... a Pit Bull. Advocacy. 6.15.15

We promote training every chance we get and require it with the adoption of one of our dogs. Why? Because YOU on the other end of the leash are now an advocate for the breed and one bad or good pittie can change or reinforce someone's whole perception of the breed.
Avaqyn Acres has some great classes coming up including Obedience 101, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Rally, and Raw/Natural Feeding.
"The one thing I will tell you, as I'm sure every pit bull parent can probably reassure – I did not exactly choose advocacy. Based on the type of dog we now had, I was involved in advocating for the "pit bull", like it or not." - See more at:

Dog in a HOT Parked Car? 6.14.15

Well, summer is officially here. You know that angry feeling you get when you see someone has left a dog in their car unattended? While your first instinct may be to break the window, take a moment to think it through first.

Thank You for the dog food 6.14.15

Thank You Karen S. for donating three bags of dog food. So greatly appreciated!!!

June Dog of the Month- Brenna 6.13.15

Brenna has no personal boundaries just like most of our pitties. They must get as close as possible which is one of the main reasons we love them!!
Brenna is Dog of the Month. Her adoption fee during the month of June is waived.

Diego 6.13.15

Diego, 12 week old male. 

Note from his foster momma- he's been a dream to have around. He loves walking and has taken to a leash like a pro... he's sleeping thru the night on most nights and is a very skilled cuddler! He's on his way to becoming a great grown-up doggie!

Ellie 6.12.15

Ellie, such a pretty girl.

No adoption event this weekend/Azra 6.12.15

We will not be having an adoption event this weekend. If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs this weekend, contact us! 

Azra, 12 week old female.

Turner 6.11.15

Turner, what a face!

Learn more about Turner-

River 6.10.15

River and his wonderful foster momma have been working on loose leash walking.

June Dog of the Month- Brenna 6.10.15

Dog of the Month is Brenna!
Adoption fee is waived during the month of June.

ACL Surgery 6.9.15

ACL Surgery: 

We have heard many times how expensive this surgery is, thankfully we have not had to do it yet. Through one of our great adopters/fosters we have learned about Small Town Veterinary Practice in Webster, WI. They do the whole works for $1200. Pretty amazing as we have heard of quotes $2500+ at some places. 

What is ACL and how does it happen?

River 6.9.15