Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Great New Partnership!!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Kari, a mortgage loan officer with WJB. Kari has adopted and is an active foster with the rescue. Kari will be donating $100 to the rescue for anyone that is referred to her by the rescue. If your looking for a home mortgage or refinance please give her a call and the rescue dogs will benefit. Win, Win!!



Malia came to us from up north with her brother Boomer. Boomer has been adopted and Malia is still on the search for her forever home.

Malia is a pittie mix maybe with shepherd or lab? 
Malia is 12 weeks old.
Malia is crate trained.
Malia is still working on potty training.
Malia is great with other dogs, cats, and bunnies.
Malia is great with kids and lives with them.
Malia likes to play with toys, play with her foster siblings, cuddle, and loves training with food.


Want more info on adoption? Visit our website- www.mnpitbull.com

Another item from our Amazon Wishlist!

Thank You Molly G. for donating a Puppy Chew teething ring from our Amazon wishlist!
Nylabone is one of our favorite chewing products outside of Antlers. They can be used from puppy to adult and come in a variety of sizes for different ages.
Note- we only give bones that are hard, Dura Chew and Big Chew. No flexible or edible bones from Nylabone as they can be harmful.

Raw Seminar with Avaqyn Acres

If you are interested in feeding raw or already do but want some extra help this class is for you!
Sign up- http://avaqynacres.com/reservations/index.html

Tuna or Salmon Treats!

Tuna or Salmon Treats
-2 cans of 5 oz tuna (undrained) or one 15 oz can of salmon (undrained)
-2 eggs 
-1 1/2 cups flour 
-1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 
-1 TBSP garlic (reduce for less smelly treats)
Mix all together and put in a greased 9×9 pan.
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and cut into small sizes.
Keep in the refrigerator.

Harlow found her FURever home!

Harlow came to us a few weeks ago from up north. She was terrified and shut down from shelter life. She has made progress in her foster home but still has a ways to go in trusting that this life will be wonderful.
Last weekend, Harlow attended her first adoption event with her foster mom and resident-foster sister. Surprising us all, Harlow did better than we imagined. She met a lot of great people who gave her hot dogs, cheese and pets. Harlow even got her picture taken by Steve, our volunteer photographer.
To top off the great day she had, Harlow had a family come to meet her and they decided to adopt her. She went to her forever home today. We are so excited to see her blossom into the social, confident pittie we know she can be!

New Pit Stops for April

We do not have a Pit Stop adoption event this weekend.
Starting in April we will be having our Pit Stops combined with training. We want YOU the potential adopter to see our foster dogs in action with their foster human. You will get a good sense of what the dog knows, what the dog is still learning, and what we expect from you during training if you decide to adopt.
April Events: 
4/4 Edina Chuck and Dons 11-1 (Pit Stop)
4/12 Maple Grove office 12-2 (Pit Stop and Training)
4/18 Roseville Petco 11-1 (Pit Stop)
4/26 Maple Grove office 12-2 (Pit Stop and Training)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Setting the "Reset" Button

Is this scenario familiar to you?  You meet your dog, you fall in love, you bring them home and get to training.  Sometimes it is hard work, but you connect well and life begins to get pretty comfortable together.  Fast forward a couple months and suddenly you’re not feeling so in sync anymore.  It’s like your dog doesn’t even know his or her name!  Or maybe it is smaller than that, just a little slower to come when called, you catch him stretching the rules and breaking them more and more, you swear she “knows better,” but these things keep happening….

We’re guessing this does sound pretty familiar, and heck, even the seasoned dog owners among us can get a little lazy, a little too comfortable, and things just start to slip.  We sometimes forget that all that work we put into establishing a strong relationship and learning how to be the leaders our dog/s needed…well, it wasn’t just one-time work.  It isn’t something that we do once and move on.  It is a way of life.

So what can you do when find yourself in this situation?  Well first, hopefully you still love your dog and aren’t much for pointing fingers (in case the context isn’t clear, it likely isn’t your dog’s fault anyway!). ;)  Next, you get down to business and set the reset button.  When we set the reset button for a dog, and for ourselves, we go back to basics.  For some, this may feel like way, way back and maybe even a little insulting when you first consider it.  Don’t get caught up in this line of thinking.  The truth is, sometimes the most basic and simple elements make the biggest impact, and they can also be the first things we let go of as we get more comfortable in our life with our dogs.

A big consideration when going back to basics and determining how much of life’s necessities and rewards are earned by your dog, vs your dog simply choosing and taking as she pleases.  Here http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm and here http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/pets/dog-behavior/should-you-use-“nothing-in-life-is-free"-with-your-dog are a couple articles about “Nothing In Life Is Free”
(NILF) or “No Free Lunch.”  NILF is a great starting point, or a great place to revisit if you previously implemented a similar structure or system.  I know every time our household dynamic needs some fine tuning, I go back and review NILF information.

Some recoil at the thought of making their dog earn everything.  We as humans like our freedoms and we commonly project our feelings and desires onto dogs, when in reality they think very differently and they desire different things as well.  Earning both necessities and fun extras in life helps our dogs understand the family structure and their role in it and it also provides mental stimulation (I want xyz, these are the ways I earn xyz).  Often people will report they already do practice this kind of lifestyle, but when you really start asking questions and digging, it becomes clear that they have slowly given over those decisions and privileges to their dog without asking that they earn them anymore.  So don’t glance over this idea and say “oh I got it!” without really, really thinking about your dog’s day and how they get each thing they want and enjoy.

Once NILF is being addressed, the next big consideration is physical and mental exercise. Obviously, each dog has different needs on this front, take the time to assess where your dog’s needs fall and if you could be meeting them better.  Keep in mind, physical exercise and mental exercise can be very different and covering just one won’t always do the trick.  A common problem is a dog who you feel has had enough physical exertion, but is still driving you crazy at the end of the day!  Well, the need for mental stimulation didn’t get met, even though you took those three walks, or whatever else you think should have left your dog snoozing the rest of the day away.  Training and games are of course great ways to hit on that mental stimulation side of things (future blog post alert!).

Oftentimes, once these areas are addressed, we see dogs and owners back to their happy place in no time!  Occasionally there are other angles that need to be looked at, such as health concerns or diet (for the record, we recommend raw feeding or grain free kibble).  We’d love to hear your thoughts, have you ever had to set the reset button?  What did that look like for you and your dog/s?


Welcome Scarlet!

Scarlet came to us from an owner surrender. The family got her from another home where she was being abused. When the family got her home their resident dog did not take kindly to the new addition.
Scarlet is a 9 week old pittie mix (lab?).
Scarlet is in need of a sponsor. Sponsorship is $115 to cover 
Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccines, and other medical needs.

Here’s What You Get:
-MPBR hoodie 
-Sponsor graphic to share on your FB profile 
-Your name listed on the dog's online profile sponsor graphic as their sponsor.

Comment below if you would like to sponsor this beautiful girl!
Then click here to Sponsor- http://mnpitbull.com/Sponsor.html

Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

Spring is finally here! Flea and tick season is coming fast. Using chemicals like Frontline or Advantix to prevent these unwanted pests in not only dangerous to our dogs but also to us humans especially kids.

Information about the harmful effects of the chemicals-

Want to see exactly what is in the product you are using and how it is harmful? Here is a complete list of products- 

Here are some natural ways to keep your dog protected- 
Bug Off Garlic by Springtime 
Shoo Tag
Lemon Rinse
Vinegar/Water Spray 
Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in water bowl
More here as well- 



Welcome Anna!
Anna came to us from animal control as a stray. Anna is a 10 week old white/blue female.

Anna is in need of a sponsor. Sponsorship is $115 to cover 
Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccines, and other medical needs.
Here’s What You Get:
-MPBR hoodie 
-Sponsor graphic to share on your FB profile 
-Your name listed on the dog's online profile sponsor graphic as their sponsor.

Comment below if you would like to sponsor this beautiful girl!
Then click here to Sponsor- http://mnpitbull.com/Sponsor.html

Maud: Just a girl and her ball

Just a girl and her ball.

Maud is in search for her forever home. You may remember her as she was our Dog of the Month back in February. She is 10 months old and a mix breed. Maud is fine with dogs and cats, crate trained, and potty trained.

Mr. Benny!


Benny is looking for his forever home. He came to us from a shelter who took him in as a stray. Benny is 11 months old. He is good with dogs, good with dog savvy cats, potty trained, and crate trained.


Don't let the snow get you down, enjoy it with Ditti!

Ditti is still on the search for his forever home. He came to us as an owner surrender after he got hit by a car. Ditti had surgery on his back leg and is fully recovered. Ditti likes other dogs, cats, is good in a crate, and potty trained.