Monday, April 24, 2017

4.24.17 Puppies


8 weeks on May 24

Info and Application-

4.23.17 Sylvia

Sylvia- Dog of the Month
Adoption fee waived.

4.21.17 Harry

Finally Sun!! 


4.21.17 Hopper

Looking for a weekend adventure buddy in this beautiful weather?! 

Hopper would love a family that likes to walk around lakes, go on adventures and go out on the town with. 

Hopper's adoption fee is $60 now through Sunday. Submit your app today!

4.20.17 Monica + five babies

These babies are exhausting!
Monica and five babies. 
8 weeks on May 24
Info and Application-

4.19.17 Monica

So I hear you will have new pics of my puppies posted tomorrow! -Monica

4.19.17 Tiki

May I please have that cookie?!

4.18.17 Harry

This rain... 


4.18.17 Hopper


Monday, April 17, 2017

4.17.17 Huey (Update: Adopted!)

Meet Huey! 
7 year old male

4.16.17 Sylvia

Sylvia- Dog of the Month
(adoption fee waived!)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

4.15.17 Daisy

This superstar doesn't need makeup but she sure likes to sit at the vanity. #daisy

4.14.17 Blaine

Meet Blaine! 
7 month old male

4.14.17 Monica + 5 puppies

Monica and five babies. 
8 weeks on May 24
Info and Application-

4.13.17 Thank you Chewy!

We had a few supporters contact Chewy (Thank You!) about our dog food shortage. 

Within 24 hours they had contacted us and said they were working on it. Less than a week later, it is here! 

Thank You for the three bags of food delivered directly to our door!!

4.13.17 Piper

Meet Piper! 
4 month old female

4.12.17 Thank you for dog food!

Our dog food shelves have been restocked all because of our donors/supporters. 😍
Thank YOU to all who called For Pet's Sake and paid for a bag over the phone. It was such a relief to see 17 bags of food just waiting to feed our pitties!

4.11.17 Hugo

Meet Hugo!

5 month old male

Monday, April 10, 2017

4.10.17 Puppies coming in May

This face plus four more will be available in May... watch our page for more pics!

4.9.17 Adoption Event 4/9

Hope your coming to visit today! 

Stop by to get some pittie love and pick up a treat for your dog from Finley's Barkery at For Pet's Sake.

4.8.17 Dog Fighting Awareness

As part of Dog Fighting Awareness Day, if you see something like this, call us, pm us or post to our page. One of our many representatives will gladly check it out.


4.8.17 Puppy cam

Puppy cam part 2. Harry Potter 8 at 7 weeks old!

4.8.17 Thank you, Benebone!

Love, love, love Benebone!!!

They are so incredibly giving to rescues. This is our third box of bones this year. Thank You to foster/volunteer Melissa G. for nominating us!

Check them out!

4.7.17 Tiki

Tiki will be attending Sunday! 
Stop by to get some pittie love and pick up a treat for your dog from Finley's Barkery at For Pet's Sake