Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boomer 3.31.2016

Meet Boomer! 
He is 4 months old. 
Adoption info-

Pippi 3.31.2016

She is a 4 month old female Pit/Lab mix. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Miss Abby 3.30.16

Miss Abby enjoying the beautiful weather! 
Abby is part of our Dog of the Month for March along with eight other dogs. Their adoption fee is waived through tomorrow!

March Adoption fees waived!! 3.30.16

2 days left of waived adoption fees!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Clementine 3.29.16

Tongue Out Tuesday. 
Clementine is still searching for her forever home!

Queenie 3.28.16

Look at that SMILE on Queenie! 
She had a ton of fun with her temp foster over the weekend but she is still looking for her forever home. Queenie's adoption fee is waived through the end of the month.

Charlotte 3.27.16

Charlotte would love a home with a fish tank! 
Female, 7 months old
Adoption info-

Sunday Comic 3.27.16

Pinky 3.26.16

Pinky is available for adoption and her adoption fee is waived through the end of March!
A note from Pinky's foster momma-
Drool bubbles and kitty training tonight! Pinky is finally not trying to pounce on our kitty. I can't believe how smart this girl is, only one week and she's learned to not chase cats, her sits & down stays are awesome and she's stopped trying to eat my food during lunch and dinner. Go Pinky!

Pippi 3.26.16

Pippi is still searching for her forever home. 
Female, 4 months
Adoption info-

Friday, March 25, 2016

2nd Annual Beard Bid Fundraiser ends at 8pm!!! 03.25.16

Did you ever wish you could grow a beard just so you could fashion it in some unreasonable way? Now's your chance!
Remember those creepy dolls where you could cut their hair then push a button and it would grow back out? It's kinda like that, except with my face.
Here's how it works;
1. Look at that luscious beard. Imagine the possibilities, and bid, bid, bid!
2. Ebay Action closes.
3. Winner sends payment and chooses the beard/ mustache/ facial hair style that meets their fancy.
4. I pay a barber to put your chosen beard on my face. I wear that beard all day. (longer if it's a super-cool style)
5. I go out in public in a weird-beard adventure. I eat. I drink. I shop. I take pictures.
6. I send you a signed 8x10" photo of me on my weird-beard adventure.
7. 100% of the auction amount goes to Minnesota Pit Bull
Rescue; helping solid dogs find solid homes.