Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2.7.18 Hello from Bane (Update-Adopted!)

Meet Bane

Name: Bane
Nicknames: Mr. Bane, Baney Bunny, Baney Rabbit, Raney Babbit
Age: 6 months (as of 1/17/18)
Activity Level: Medium
Size: currently about 30 lbs
Things I do in my free time: Chew on bones, throw my bird or raccoon plushie around, eating peanut butter out of Kongs
Things I know: My name, sit
Things I am learning: Down, shake
Kids: yes
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Car rides: great!

Additional Info from foster parent: Bane has been such a wonderful patient! He still has pins in his leg so unfortunately this little guy can’t run around and play nearly as much as he wants to, but he keeps himself occupied with Kongs or chew toys. He isn’t a huge fan of his kennel, but who would be after having to spend so much time in it! He is such a cuddler, he loves to be laying against someone when he has a chew or Kong. Bane definitely loves food, so he will be very easy to train. I can’t wait to see this pup fully healed, he will be so happy to finally run around! He is a total goofball and spends half the day with his tongue sticking out like in that first picture, It's so cute!
What we know: Bane was turned into the Dallas animal shelter with a severe leg injury. After consulting with veterinarians and a specialist, it was decided that his leg could be saved with extensive surgery.

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To see more pictures of Bane, please check out his bio

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