Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2.27.18 Thank you-Kissing Booth

Thank You to all of you who stopped by Carver Junk Company Minneapolis on Feb 11 for our annual Kissing Booth. We were able to raise $1,376.09 in kissing donations! The donations covered our entire vet bill for one dog in our care plus a little extra to share with other foster dogs.
Blossom is a 4 month old puppy (who you will meet in a few weeks) needed FHO surgery on her leg which totaled $1,121.48.

We were able to snap a few pictures of the puppies and YOU!

THANK YOU to Carver Junk Company Minneapolis for opening your doors to us again this year. This event is always a blast and we could not pull it off without you. Please make sure to stop by their store if you are in MPLS or Chaska!

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