Wednesday, November 28, 2018

11.27.18 Meet Autumn

Good morning from Autumn! 

Meet Autumn

Name: Autumn
Nicknames: Babygirl, sweetpea
Age: 8 weeks (as of 11/15/18)
Activity Level: High bursts followed by napping.
Things I do in my free time: I love any type of squeaker/rope toy! I love to play "nanner-nanner I have this toy you should come and get it". I wrestle with my 100 lb. dog foster brother and I stand my ground with some awesome spring action rolling and jumping. I enjoy running through rooms and down the stairs. I follow my big people around from room to room and it's a lot of fun!
Things I know: still working on but does intermittently follow sit, come, lets go potty.
Things I am learning: To complete my potty outside, to come every time when called, to leave it.
Kids: teenagers (3)
Dogs: 2
Cats: 1
Other Animals that I am friends with: A Bunny and a Tortoise.
Size: I am a puppy but will grow to be around 40-60 lbs.
Car rides: good so far. sleeps, or looks out window in a lap.

Additional Info from foster: We are working on kenneling. She loves to greet every new person when they wake in the morning. She loves to snuggle just like a baby under you chin while wrapped in blankets. She understands boundaries when older dogs give the warning. Autumn has super soft fur. She is shy at first but will warm up quickly. She will walk small distances (tiny legs!). On warmer days she loves to zip around the yard, and she does well with baths. She is a very kind, loving girl.

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