Friday, November 30, 2018

11.30.18 Upcoming Adoption Event TOMORROW- Bent Brewstillery

When: Saturday, December 1st 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Where: Bent Brewstillery 1744 Terrace Dr, Roseville, MN 55113

See below for the dogs that will be joining us:

Meet Aris

Name: Aris
Nicknames: Pup, puppy, peanut
Age: 8 weeks (11/15/2018)
Activity Level: Puppy
Things I do in my free time: Sleep, snuggle, run around, chew on toys, do somersaults, sleep, repeat
Things I know or sort of know: Sit, up and down stairs
Things I am learning: Potty training, crate training
Kids: Slept through all interactions of being held, petted, etc., but did fine with those, could be a bit nippy if playing as she is still young and learning
Dogs: Fine, adults and other puppies
Cats: Unknown
Size: Less than 10 lbs
Car rides: Still getting better with this, so far does better riding with foster dog siblings than alone in the crate.

Additional Info from foster parent: Aris is a slightly spunky, sweet, little pup. She is still learning how to be independent from mom/siblings, so she appreciates having foster doggie siblings around or remaining close to you (especially if you’re willing to hold her). She likes to follow you around and will sit and stare up at you with her tail wagging in hopes of you giving her attention or food. She loves to snuggle and curl up into you. Being so young she still sleeps a lot, but when she’s ready to play she bounces all over the place and does somersaults. Then she crashes and goes back to sleep. We’re still working on getting her comfortable with the crate. She will cry for awhile at first, but then she settles down and sleeps through majority of the night. Sometimes there’s a whine here and there, but not as much as at the start. We’re also still working on potty training - she is very good about going outside but needs frequent outings to prevent accidents in the house as she is still learning to let us know she needs to go out. Aris has done well meeting new people and mostly just sleeps through these interactions at this point but is fine being handed off to whoever. This adorable little lady is sure to warm her way into your heart and can’t wait to meet her future forever family!

Meet Mari

Nicknames: Merle
Age: 5 months (as of 11/1/18)
Activity Level: medium
Things I do in my free time: Play with my squeaker toy, run laps in the yard, snuggle on the couch, & sniff my surroundings.
Things I know: sit, no, and kennel
Things I am learning: walking on a leash
Kids: unknown
Dogs: good
Cats: unknown
Size: medium
Car rides: good

Additional Info from foster parent: despite Mari's inability to see well, she is very aware of her surroundings. She will sniff everything in sigh & you may even find her sniffing the air. Sometimes she can bump into things but this does not stop her. She is a very good listener and is redirected easily. She can get nervous when it is dark as she cannot see you as well so she likes to stay by your side.

Meet Winnifred

Nicknames: Winnie, Mama Bear
Age: 1 year (as of 7/28/18)
Activity Level: Alternating spurts of energy and cuddle time!
Things I do in my free time: I love chew toys, playing tug, and wrestling with my dog foster brother, followed by crawling into a chair or a lap for some good TLC.
Things I know: My name, sit, shake, kennel
Things I am learning: Down
Kids: Unknown
Dogs: Great!
Cats: I want to be best friends forever!
Size: Medium
Car rides: A little nervous at first, but I calm down pretty quickly

Additional Info from foster parent: Winnifred is an absolute doll! She was picked up as a stray in Eagan. She came to us already knowing sit and shake. Why anyone would let go of this bundle of love is beyond me! She was a mama before she was rescued, but that all has been fixed now! She has perfected the sad puppy face and can get away with anything with those ears! She is interested in the resident cat, but only to play. If only the cat wanted to be friends, too. She does excellent in the kennel when we’re at work or at bedtime. Come morning or when we get home from work, her whole body wiggles she’s so happy to see us!


Meet Beau

Hello! My name is Beau and I'm a loveabull goofball! I am around 3.5-4 years old. I love to play and snuggle. I'm shy but I'm learning to have confidence and come out of my shell. I know basic commands, I great in my crate and I'm house trained! I'm still working on "come" and waiting. Whether you want a walking partner or a movie snuggle buddy, I'm your guy! I'd be best in a home with older kids, the little ones are a kinda scary. I haven't really met any cats yet but I do like other pups. I would love a family that will take the time introducing me to new adventures!


Meet Stanley & Cato


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