Thursday, November 9, 2017

11.9 Hi from Ross (Update: Adopted!)


Age: 8 weeks on 10/31/17 

Activity Level: active with several naps and cuddle time. 

Things I do in my free time: I love to play with my foster brother and foster sister. We run around and I like to go under the couch and the chairs and come out the other side to surprise them. I also love the little boy who lives in the house, I crawl on him and sit with him as much as I can. I also follow my foster mom around wherever I can especially in the kitchen. When I go outside I love to chase the leaves. As soon as I catch one though another comes by that I need to try to get as well, I am easily distracted by them. I also am a fan of shoes, not chewing on them just laying on them. However my foster mom put them all away just in case. 

Things I know: I don’t know a whole lot yet but I’m still a puppy and am learning lots! 

Things I am learning: I am learning to walk on a leash, however I still want to just play with it. My foster mom says I’m doing much better though. I’m also Learning leave it which I still have not quite figured out but I hear it quite often. When I go outside I go to the bathroom almost immediately, however I still have accidents inside but I am working on it. 

Kids: There is one child in the foster home and he is great with him. He has several medical issues and Ross has been fantastic in every aspect of those 

Dogs: There are two dogs in the foster home. One 90lb male lab and a medium size female pit bull. He plays well with both 

Cats: has not been around cats 

Size: 7-8 lbs, not sure how big he’ll get 

Car rides: is fine with car rides but wants to sit on my lap. 

Additional Info from foster parent: Ross is a beautiful and sweet puppy. Sometimes a little shy but loves to play 

Adoption fee $350 

Interested in adopting? Apple here-

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