Saturday, May 4, 2019

5.4.19 Meet Mamoa

Meet Mamoa TOMORROW!

Hi, my name is Mamoa & you can meet me tomorrow at Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative from 1-3 PM!

I’m 10 months old. I have a case of non contagious mange but I'm getting better. My skin is irritated and red on my underside and a patch on my back, but my foster parents are amazing and they keep giving me baths that make me feel better. They keep telling me my hair will grow back soon and I'll feel all better. I was kind of scared and timid upon first arriving to MN to my foster family, but over the past 2 weeks I have really begun to trust and love them. I do not cower to the ground as much anymore and LOVE LOVE LOVE to run around and play with my foster doggie siblings outside. That’s the best. This nice spring weather has also been amazing to chase the ball in the yard or just lay out and sun bathe. I like to be close to my foster parents and listen very well when they call my name (if I’m doing something I apparently shouldn’t or it’s time to go inside). I don’t bark much and I’m pretty tolerant of baths and nail trims (even if I don’t want to do them!). I am very food motivated (give me all the foods - yum yum yum!) so I’m picking up on new things quickly. Foster parents go to work during the day and I do awesome in my crate. I sleep over night there too. I usually get a lunch time potty break when foster mom comes home for lunch but I don’t typically need an over-night let out. When I first arrived my schedule was a little off and I had some accidents in my crate, but I’ve been doing super well now that I know the routine. I can’t wait to find the perfect family for me who is willing to help get back to my full furry self and teach me all kinds of new things!!!
Please apply at if you think we’d be a good match!

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