Thursday, May 2, 2019

5.2.19 Meet Hera!

Hi, my name is Hera!
Nicknames: Hera Houdini
Age: 5 years young (don't call me old!)
Activity Level: Low
Things I do in my free time: Snuggle, chew on bones, and snuggle.
Things I know: My name, Kennel (but that doesn't mean I like staying in there, hence my nickname Hera Houdini)
Things I am learning: Sit, Down
Kids: Good! I haven't met very many, but I've been very gentle with the kids that I've met
Dogs: I'm so excited to meet every dog I see! Foster mom says that my energy level when seeing another dog needs work, but I'm very patient with the dogs that I have met! I love wrestling with the resident dog for about five minutes, then it's snuggle time!
Cats: I can get a little too interested in the resident cat, but I'm working on that! Getting a little better every day!
Size: 55 lbs
Car rides: Great!
Additional Info from foster parent: Hera is a wonderful dog! She has had zero accidents in the house since arriving. She does great in her kennel overnight, not a peep! If you put her in a kennel and leave, she has a tendency to magically appear outside of it! When she has escaped, she hasn't destroyed anything except a bag of treats left on the end table. She is a very quick learner and would be a great addition to any home! Meet me by going to 🐾

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