Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2.21.18 Meet our Foster-Sarah Elizabeth

Meet Sarah Elizabeth!
Who was your first foster dog with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?
My first foster was Luna💜

Who are you currently fostering?
I’m currently fostering Buddy (aka Mr. Van Gough)

When did you start volunteering?
I started volunteering August 2016.

Why did you want to start fostering with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?
I started to volunteer because I love the breed. I have a special needs/medically fragile son that would never even touch a dog. After 2 years of trying to expose him to dogs and find a dog for him we met Lucy. She came in the room at the Humane Society, put her head in his lap and he pet her. She has been great for him, helped him with walking (he was just learning at age 7, doctors told us he would most likely never walk) Lucy would let him lean on her and walk next to him. They are inseparable. There are so many things I could write about what she has done for my son but I won’t, this would get too long. People criticized me for getting my disabled child a pit bull because they were aggressive and dangerous. It was then that I realized I wanted to get involved somehow and I thought fostering with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue was a good way to start. I try to educate people about the breed when I can.

Do you have any animals of your own?
I have a 4 year old female pit bull and a 2 year old male black lab.

Where is your favorite dog friendly place to take your dog?
Other than dog parks I love to take my pups to Grumpy's in Roseville and sit on the patio with them.

When you’re not surrounded by all things dog, what can you be found doing?
I love to cook and bake. Most of my time is taking care of my amazing son though.

Do you have a favorite memory of one of your fosters?
We had a foster named Harriet, now Kola, and we had her at Christmas. We got a large box (3’x3’) and filled it with balls, toys and treats. She was so happy, I’ve never seen a puppy so excited. She was literally tripping over the toys to try to get to them all. She then took a treat and took it to the corner of the room, dug with her front paws and pushed the treat in the corner. It was so cute. She did this with several treats. She was a great dog!

Harriet now Kola

BarkBox is a subscription service that is awesome for you dogs! You get toys & treats delivered right to your door every month!

Each month one of our foster pawrents receives a BarkBox as a thank you.This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based-no shelters here! Each dog we are able to save is because a foster is willing to open their home for us 

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