Thursday, February 1, 2018

2.1.18 February Dog of the Month- Lola! (Update: Adopted!)

Lola is the Dog of the Month!

What does that mean exactly? 
Each month we pick one dog that has been with us a little longer than others to be featured as the "Dog of the Month" meaning their adoption fee is waived. 
A mandatory training class (with a training facility of the adopter's choice) still required as well as normal reference checks and a home check. 
If you’re interested in Lola, please visit for adoption information. 

4 months old (9.1.17)

Hi, I’m Lola!
My favorite things to do are cuddle, chew on toys and play with other dogs.

I have great crate manners, I enjoy being in my crate to sleep or sometimes I’ll just hang out in there for a bit.

Right now I have two companions at my foster house. A boy and girl dog who are super fun, they introduced me to this thing called “cats”. I really like them too. The big cat will come rub up against me to say hi.

I’m potty trained and know how to tell everyone when I have to go. Sometimes, if I’ve been playing, I wait till the last minute and might have an oops. It doesn’t happen too often though. 

I’m good at “sit”. I really like food so that helps me with training. I also wait and sit while my foster parents fill up all the dogs dishes until they say we can eat.

I’ve been told I have a lot of personality. I make funny faces, smile, & make little noises when I play- all to let you know how I feel. I have energy but I’m not wild. I play but I do enjoy having time with my humans.

I’m pretty good around kids or a group of people. My foster parents brought me to their holiday get-together and I met so many people. It was really fun. I was polite towards the new dogs I met and even left all the cats alone.

My foster parents say that I’m great because I have so much love to give and I’m super sweet. I’m well behaved and even let people clip my nails with zero fight. I’m a good girl!
If you think I sound great and are looking to adopt, please set up a time to meet me!

Visit Lola's bio here for more pictures. 

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