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12.19.17 January Dog of the Month- Toby!

January Dog of the Month-


Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Other dogs, cats, children.

Meet Toby

Name: Toby

Nicknames: Tobers, Tobes, Camo, Oooo run run, cha cha run!

DOB: 5/18/2015

Approximate weight: 55-60 lbs

Color: Blonde brindle

What I know/What I'm working on: My foster mom and I are working on a lot of things! I knew how to sit coming into the rescue but not as diligently as many would desire so we're working on adding a little more precision as well as duration. We take a lot of short walks together working on leash manners and focus. I've picked up on the concept of down and we're now attempting to gain more commitment to the command as well as more duration. My foster mom is also attempting to help me gain an understanding and appreciation for 'relax' as a cue and easy default for me to go to in the future when I am out and about with my adoptive family. We are working on handling my feet some and looking to practice nail trims if I can stay committed to the process....those nail trims can be a little scary ya know! I also know how to be quiet in my crate but didn't like going into it with just command or without a treat to go after. I have started going into my crate with command and loving the treats that follow!

A little about me: I was initially found as a stray down in Texas and Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue saved me from losing my life! Once I arrived at my foster home it took me some time to truly become relaxed and show my real personality. I love to snuggle on the couch. I am currently with two other dogs and enjoy their company very much. I love to run around the yard and play but really love playing with just the toys and my foster mom. My foster mom has given me some funny nicknames because I've always had a funny habit of puppy zoomies ever since my arrival....it was the thing I did before even playing with toys here, well that and chewing on my nylabones and benebones. I've shown that I tend to get a little bored in my kennel and shouldn't have any blankets or soft toys in there as they may get me in trouble. I do get a little overzealous with toys I'm playing with so soft toys do require supervision. As I previously mentioned, I LOVE laying on the couch or in my kennel and chewing on nylabones and benebones!! I do snark a little and let the other dogs know that I don't like them crowding in on my space while I'm chewing on my bones so my free time with them is always supervised. My foster mom is teaching me to let go of things when I'm told, which is great because she almost always gives it back so I'm growing to like and trust it quite a bit! I'm a little too intrigued by the cats I'm staying with and their movements so it's probably best that I don't live with any in the future. I hope that you like what you read and will consider me for a member of your family!

First step to meeting Toby is filling out the adoption application.

Adoption fee $215
For more pictures of Toby, visit his Petfinder here

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