Thursday, June 7, 2018

6.6.18 Hi from Buddy!

It’s time for a Buddy break! 

When we got Buddy in January, he could barely use his back legs. Fast forward to today and he’s running & enjoying life. If you or someone you know is looking for a good boy, look no further!

Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs. Buddy was adopted from the shelter in TX when he was a puppy. He was later returned as an adult. At the time of return he was unable to use his back legs. The adopters had zero explanation as to how he lost the use of his back legs. X-rays were immediately done and they came back clear. We suspect he has nerve damage at this point and a back leg that had been broken and never healed correctly. Once Buddy came to us, he started with chiropractic and acupuncture work. He was also fit with a brace for his leg and this has helped tremendously. He is able to walk and run now! He doesn't do well on slippery surfaces though. Buddy also lacks proper control off his urine. Due to this, he does leak urine so he will either need a home with floors that are easily cleaned or he’ll need to be wearing a diaper. Buddy does do fine with his bowel movements and keeping those outside during potty breaks. Other than the leaking of urine he is house trained. Buddy has an unknown medical issue with his back legs and we hope to find out more about it at his appointment for an MRI on July 9th. This does sound scary but we encourage you to meet Buddy in person. He is a happy dog that just needs a home with love. We would love to see him in a home with another dog or kids as he does really well with both. .
Other dogs, cats, children.

Meet Buddy

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Name: Buddy

Nicknames: Van (Van Gogh) as he has a small swirly patch on his neck that looks like Starry Night.

Age: Almost 2 years old (Birth date: 8.11.2016)

Activity Level: Buddy has a low energy level. He does have his spurts of energy but overall he is a low activity dog.

Things I do in my free time: Follow my humans around, chew on bones, play with my 4 legged foster sister. I really like going up to the cabin, the water is so much fun!

Things I know: Crate

Things I am learning: Down or off as he likes to jump.

Kids: Buddy does live with one child and does great with him. They take a nap together every day. Buddy will curl up in a little ball, it’s so cute!

Dogs: Buddy has met multiple dogs and has done well. He lives with 2 dogs and he’s never had an issue.

Cats: No info on cats

Size: 50 pounds

Car rides: Buddy does just fine in the car. 

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