Wednesday, June 13, 2018

6.13.18 Team Kenya-Meet us this Saturday @ the My Burger Event!

Team Kenya is waiting patiently to meet you this Saturday!

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is excited to partner with My Burger for a day full of fun. We’re even bringing our friends over at My Pit Bull is Family along for the ride!

3100 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416
9:30 - 11:00 am Pack Walk 🐾 My Pit Bull is Family is no stranger to hosting a great pack walk! Join us in the morning & walk around Lake Calhoun before the fundraiser begins. Our training partners A New Leash Minneapolis will be joining us to answer any questions you have along the walk!

Well behaved dogs of all kinds and children are welcome to join us.
A few guidelines:
1. No face to face meeting. Always ask the dog's human if they can meet. Meetings should be made with loose leashes and calm humans. Dogs know when we're stressed, and they get stressed too.
2. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES. If you show up with a retractable leash we will give you an alternative leash to use for the walk.
3. Yellow ribbons for our more anxious dog friends: Dogs known or believed to be anxious when around other dogs are to wear a yellow ribbon to let others know to respect your dog’s space.
4. All dogs should be up to date on shots: In the interest of good health for all the dogs attending our walks we ask that you do not join us unless your dog is up to date on their shots/vaccinations.
5. Pick up the poo: If you don't have poop bags we have them. Just see one of the My Pit Bull is Family volunteers for a bag.
6. No Smoking: Please do not smoke on our short walk. Please do so before or after.
7. Be sure to check in with a My Pit Bull is Family volunteer before you leave and grab a sticker!
11-4 pm Fundraiser 🐾 My Burger has been so kind to offer a portion of their sales made during 11 AM to 4 PM back to us. All you have to do is mention you’re there for the Pit Bull event & they’ll take care of the rest!
1:30-3 pm Meet Kenya’s puppies 🐾 After grabbing a bite to eat, head out back and visit with Kenya’s adoptable puppies. This will be their first public debut!

My Burger has a great dog friendly patio. After the walk, join us for a bite to eat! Volunteers will be on site to hold your dogs leash while you order inside. We’ll be sure to tell them how great they are while you’re getting your food.

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