Wednesday, May 9, 2018

5.9.18 Meet Lego

Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Other dogs, cats, children.

Meet LEGO aka Princess Go-Go aka Little Lady
An adorable little cuddle bug. Loves naps in your lap or off in her bed yet still has the energy to run around and cause a ruckus! She has started becoming a little sneak thief. She has a collection of toys out in the back yard and has also started to bring shoes out there as well. She will steal my work gloves if I put them down and am not watching too. Little bugger!

Lego is still working on potty training inside the house but she's had no accidents in her kennel so far and has even slept through the night a couple of times! (yeah!!)

She sits amazingly well for treats and for her food. We haven't had a chance to really train on anything else yet, but we're working on "lay down" and "shake". 

She doesn't really nip like our other fosters did, but she's mainly just a licker. 
Lego plays well with other dogs and is good with kids (our neighbor has a 5 year old and is in love with Lego). She also stayed overnight with another foster and she cuddled with their kitty so cats are approved too! 

Walks- She needs work. Not too keen on the concept yet & would rather be carried.

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