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5.4.18 Meet Kendall (Update: Adopted)


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Hi, my name is Kendall! My foster parents also call me Baby Girl & Kennie. I am 8 weeks old (as of 4/22/18).
Since I'm just a puppy, I play hard for a bit then sleep a lot. It's the greatest!
In my free time, I play with my dog brother who is 3 and the 2 elder cats. 1 cat really likes me but the other one isn't a fan. I make sure to leave that one alone. I love cuddling with my dog brother & I follow him around like I'm his shadow. I'm learning a lot from him.

I know sit and to potty outside. I'm not 100% potty trained but I'm really close! My foster parents are really impressed that I don't whine in my kennel. I go to bed without a peep and usually sleep through the night. Sometimes I whine just a little to wake up my parents so I can go outside but then I go right back to bed.

I am learning how to walk on a leash, kennel up, my name & come. I am also learning the "it's your choice game" and I'm getting really good. My foster mom puts treats on the floor and I leave them until I am given one. She told me it's a great tool for the future in case something yucky falls on the ground I'll know to leave it alone.

I haven't met any kids yet but will this weekend. I'll update you on how that goes. I think I'll be good but I might have issues jumping on them if they sit on the ground.

I'm just a tiny little thing right now but I'll probably be around 50 lbs. when I'm fully grown. I have a lot of wrinkles to grow into.
I do really well on car rides. I sit nicely and eventually fall asleep.

Additional Info from foster parent:

Kendall is a total sweetheart. I work from home and am able to have her in my office with my other dog and they play quietly (which is a HUGE bonus). She is really smart and will pick up on training quickly. I am incredibly impressed by her being so young & essentially crate trained-it's not often you have a puppy & can still sleep the whole night without cleaning up a mess in the morning. She's also a great cuddle bug!

If you are interested in Kendall, she's ready to meet you!

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