Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thank you to our April Monetary Donors!

THANK YOU to our April monetary donors! 
Donald D. 
Jane A. 
Carol M. 
Barbara H. 
Shawnna G. 
Richard M. 
Amy A. 
Carol G-S.
Heartgard donors
Chuck and Dons Pet Food Outlet 
John F.
Kelly A. 
Thomas H.
Tiffany H.
Josie S.
Erica P.
Joan L.
In Memory of Jerry O. 
Jennifer P.
Colleen O. 
Michael S. 
Jacob P. 
Stefani A. 
Vince V. 
Darcy F. 
Rebecca V. in memory of Boss. 
Takeda Pharmaceuticals donors 
Ameriprise donors 
Ellie Puppy Name donors- listed separately 
Amazon donors- listed separately

(top right Maud, bottom right Ditti- available for adoption!)

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