Saturday, May 9, 2015

Buy a mat fundraiser! 5.5.15

**We are almost half way to our goal.** FREE photography session! **PLUS we have a donor who is willing to match any donations up to $1,000 if we raise the money by May 17th.**
For the past year and a half we have had astro turf on the floor of our rescue facility. This has been hard as it holds smells from accidents and other germs that are not able to be bleached out. Having rescue dog training and rescue dogs in and out of the facility on a daily basis we needed to come up with a flooring plan that was conducive to both. We have decided to do Mat flooring. It is gentle on the joints of our training dogs and easily cleaned to keep the facility sanitary and safe. In total we need 136 mats.
If you would like to help us MAT our floor, we have two options: 
1. Buy A Mat $27.00+ Your name will be featured on our Mat Hall of Fame wall. 
2. Buy 4 Mats for $108 You will get a FREE 25 minute photo shoot with AT Photography & Custom Works and your dog.
One of these photos will go up on our Mat Hall of Fame and you will get the rest emailed to you.

In the next couple months you will see changes both in the physical appearance our facility and how we use our facility. -Adoption Days -Foster Dog Training -Adopter Training -Dog Socials -Office hours for the public, adopters, fosters, and volunteers -Meet and Greets -Storage of rescue items -Dog Intake & Evals -Volunteer Training

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