Tuesday, July 2, 2019

7.4.19 Volunteer of the Month- Danielle

May 2019 Volunteer of the Month- 
Meet Danielle!

Danielle with her dogs, Kiara & Dallas

How did you find out about Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?

I found out about MPBR through a friend of mine who was involved previously. I rented a room from her and she had two pit bulls and I absolutely fell in love with the breed. 

Danielle & her foster at the time, Xavier
Why did you decide to start volunteering for MPBR?

I started volunteering (fostering at first) because I couldn’t stand seeing so many dogs who needed help, a loving home, and a safe place to stay until they found their forever homes.

How long have you volunteered for the rescue?

I have been with the rescue since March 2014. In that time, I think I have fostered just under 50 dogs, only keeping two of them. My second and thirty second fosters who are the light of my life, my Kiara (5) and Dallas (3). I recently added a cat who now thinks she is a dog also. 

Where's your favorite dog friendly place to take your pup?

My Kiara is my service dog so my favorite place to take her is everywhere as I need her to come with me. My Dallas loves going to pet stores and picking out his new toy. His favorite is For Pets Sake in Blaine. He gets extra treats there because he’s so cute. 

When not surrounded by dogs – what can you be found doing?

If I’m not volunteering with the rescue I’m traveling with my boyfriend, training my dogs, visiting family, spending as much time as possible outside and snuggling with my pups. 

Do you have a favorite memory that happened while you were volunteering? 

I have SO many good memories volunteering. Giving freedom rides from shelters feels SOOO amazing. My favorite memory while volunteering was probably also my craziest. I agreed to help out with a litter of puppies for a few days until a vet appointment. They got so dirty playing together so I put them all in my bath tub together and got one of the best pictures ever!!!


Do you have any advice for current or future volunteers? 

My advice for any volunteer, current or future, is that as much as we love these dogs and want to do anything for them, you also must take care of yourself and your own dogs. It’s ok to say no sometimes. Burn out is real, for you and your dogs. There are plenty of volunteers who can help and would love to, some of us just need to let them have the opportunity. 


Each month one of our foster pawrents receives a gift card as a thank you.This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based- no shelters here! Each dog we are able to save is because a foster is willing to open their home for us 💚 Interested in volunteering? Check out some info here.

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  1. Those are the puppies of my latest foster failure, Dottie!!! I bathed them right before I brought them to the adoption event so they smelled and looked great. Well, one(or more) pooped in the crate, and they all played in it. There was a mad scramble to find to find a bucket and water!