Tuesday, November 6, 2018

11.2.18 Meet Kaisa!


Hello future family! My name is Kaisa (KISE-ah). I was born on June 20, 2014 and came to Minnesota Pit Bull rescue when I was just a pup as part of an unwanted litter. My foster family adopted me when I was 6-months old, but with a growing family, their life has become too busy and I’m sad I’m not the center of attention anymore. I’m looking for someone who’s home a lot and loves to snuggle because that’s my favorite thing to do. I’m learning how to control my excitement when our human friends come over and know a few basic tricks like sit and lay down. I’m also really good at waiting until my foster parents tell me it’s ok to eat. I like to go on walks, but still learning not to pull when I see other dogs. 

I have a foster brother, Cooper, who is also a pit bull, and his overly calm demeanor helps me a lot if I get nervous – he’s like my emotional support dog! He’s nice company to have when it’s just us in the house, because I get scared when I’m locked in a crate. I typically don’t get along with other animals – I’d much rather spend time with humans. I even like little kids! My foster family has a 7-year-old, 2-year-old, and a little baby who cuddle and play with me all the time. Well, their toddler uses me more like a jungle gym, but I don’t mind because he lets me jump on the trampoline with him.
Kaisa & Cooper

If you are looking for a lovable sweetheart and don’t mind spoiling me with attention, I’m the girl for you. I look forward to meeting you!

• Animal Aggression: Kaisa is only interested in being social with people, including small children. She does very well with her foster brother because of his age and extremely calm demeanor. 
• Separation Anxiety/Claustrophobia: Kaisa would do best in an unconfined space, with someone at home with her most of the day. A limited view to the outdoors is also ideal to minimize her anxiousness with passersby, curious critters, or mysterious noises caused by the wind.
• Training: Kaisa is not food motivated but has learned basic commands through professional and home training. It is recommended that ongoing, consistent, professional training be continued to improve her performance on a leash and to come when called.
• A Natural Explorer: Kaisa has springs in her feet and yearns for adventure in the great outdoors. A sturdy 6-foot minimum privacy fence is required.

More information on Kaisa & the adoption process can be found here.

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