Sunday, April 2, 2017

3.29.17 Thank you for helping Cooper!

THANK YOU to all the donors that made this possible!! We wanted to keep Cooper in his home and we were able to do that with your support. 
$1150, a few days and 32 donors- Incredible! 
Patrick R. 
Amanda P. 
Kristen S.
Mercedez T.
Micaela H.
Kimberly Q.
Emily M.
Lauren J.
Connie H.
Suzy H.
Jeremy W.
Laura M.
Brian P.
Joan L.
Ruby S.
Gabrielle U.
Taylor L.
Amanda A.
Julie D.
Elizabeth L.
Andy C.
Aaron J.
Jacqueline R.
Elizabeth N.
Lindsay A.
Sharon T.
Nancy C.
Tamara F.
Amy F.
Kellie C.
Kayla T.
Shawna V. 
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