Saturday, March 25, 2017

3.21.17 Help us help keep Cooper home!

Meet Cooper- a dog who was hurt but had a loving home. We had two options- pay for the medical care needed and keep him HOME or have the family surrender him, provide him with medical care, put him in foster care, and then find him a forever home. We chose to keep him in his forever home. =)

Cooper was out playing and something happened and his owners found him with this wound to his leg. They had a few theories (bullet wound or kicked by a horse) as to what had happened to him but really didn't know . They brought him to the vet and the vet gave him all the medical care they could afford which was a pain med and sent them home.

We were notified about the dog and got the dog back into the vet immediately. They sedated him and started working on the wound. X-rays showed no broken bones so they were able to clean the wound, stitch the wound, and put drains in the wound. The vet found that he was likely bit by a horse. Cooper has been at the vet since Friday and is expected to go home tomorrow morning as he is doing fantastic!

(If you want to see what a horse bite looks like click on the link)

The vet bill for Cooper was WAY over what we were expecting. Please help us cover this vet bill.

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