Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1.24.16 Buster

Hi! I'm Buster Brown! Sometimes they call me Buster. But I really like BUSTER BROWN! I am about 6 months old now. And my Foster Family says I am a super great puppy . And handsome. And funny. Basically, I am Fantastic!
Things I know: I know "Sit", and "Go Potty " - I even know how to take myself out the doggie door, into the yard and potty, then come back inside ALL BY MYSELF! And when I can't get out the doggie door, I know to go to the back door that opens to the yard. I know what you want when you say Kennel". ...I run Right into my kennel for bed time or meals or whatever, "sometimes, I just run to my kennel because there is a chance that a treat might be coming my way!! I can wait nicely for my food in the kennel, and when I am done, I wait nicely for you to take me out for a potty. I can sleep ALL NIGHT long in my kennel. In the mornings, after I do a morning potty, I can easily go back to sleep for another hour or two if you let me snuggle you on the people bed. Wouldn't that be great, to have a snuggle buddy on the cold winter mornings?!!! I think so too!! I can wait nicely to have my feet cleaned after playing outside, and I let you put my winter booties on without any fuss. I snuggle like a BOSS....other dogs, people, I don't care. I just REALLY want to snuggle. Except when I am playing. Oh, I love to play! I am really good at it! Is my favorite thing to do after the snuggling. I can also walk on a leash really well. I love to go for walkings too!! (Though I am from Texas, and this Minnesota Winter stuff is pretty hard core...so I DO need a jacket.)
Things I am learning: Wait at the door to come inside. Come when called. I am pretty good at this when you say "BUSTER BROWN"!!! Really happy like. But if you just say "Buster Come", I may or may not come right away. I am learning to SHake, so when I meet you, we can shake hands!
I think I am pretty smart, and if you spend some time teaching me, I can learn All of The Things, I just know it!!
So, if you are looking for a snuggle buddy, or someone to play with your other dog, I'm your dude! I would really like a sister. I have a Foster Sister and a Foster Brother who let me snuggle them when the people are busy, but I would really like a forever sister . I play really well with All the other dogs I have ever met in my entire life!!! 
Basically, I am AMAZING, it is true.

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