Saturday, August 6, 2016

7.28.16 Muffin, gone too soon

Little Muffin left us way too soon yesterday. Please help us cover her vet bill of $310.30
Thank You Amy $25
Thank You Michelle $25
Thank You Lindsey $10
Thank You Gail $100
Thank You Kari $25
Thank You Stephanie $40
Thank You Jane $20
Thank You Angela $25
Thank You Josh $150
A note from her foster momma and our Texas leader Briana- 
Fostering puppies can present many challenges, but nonetheless they are such a gift. The loss of our sweet Muffin tonight has been deeply saddening. I had not given her a heartfelt goodbye when I dropped her off at the Vet yesterday. I did not know her health would decline so quickly, or at all for that matter. She spent 9 lovely days out of the shelter knowing love between Steffanie Walker and my home. It was likely distemper that took her from us too soon. I'm glad our little Muffin is out of pain and eagerly playing at the rainbow bridge.

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