Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7.4.16 Essential Oils

Welcome to Week 1 of July Dog Health Month- Essential Oils 
Essential Oil is a natural oil that is obtained by distillation of a plant. Essential oils can be applied topically, aromatically, or taken internally. Essential oils can be used on both humans and pets. 
We wanted a safer alternative to treat our foster dogs (and safer for their foster humans) in the program for anxiety and fleas/ticks. With that we found Melissa Shelton, DVM who uses essential oils to treat dogs in her veterinary practice. (www.oilyvet.com
We have started using Lavender for the dogs with crate and general anxiety by diffusing it and using it topically. For fleas/ticks, we have started using Citronella, Purification, and Cedarwood mixed with water to spray onto the dogs when they go outside. Frontline and other flea/tick monthly treatments are pure chemicals and can severely hurt the dog and can be harmful to humans when ingested from their hands after touching the dog. 
Essential oils can be a holistic alternative to dealing with anxiety, stress, allergies, inflammation, viruses, fleas/ticks, skin issues, car sickness, and other health related issues in dogs. 
Essential oils can also be used in the home to make a safer environment for your dog. Diffusing essential oils can take care of the "dog smell" without having to burn a candle (fire hazard) or use other toxins that put scent into the air. They can also be used for cleaning therefore eliminating harsh chemicals that your dog breaths in and lays on. 
Want to learn more about essential oils? 
Join us this Saturday at our office-
Send us an email info@mnpitbull.com We would be happy send you more info on what to use, how to use, and where to purchase. .

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