Sunday, July 12, 2015

Congrats Kiara and Danielle! 7.6.15

HUGE Congrats to Danielle and Kiara!!!
Kiara received her TDI (Therapy Dog title) on Tuesday night.
(8 weeks of 101 training, 8 weeks of CGC training, and 8 weeks of TDI training) We always encourage adopters to go past the 8 weeks of training to truly show what this breed can do when given proper training. Thank You Danielle for putting the time and LOTS of hard work into making Kiara, CGC, TDI. (now onto those obedience, rally, or agility titles!)
I also wanted to add in that this is NOT an easy task. Danielle did it while having a foster dog in her home that needed training, working full time and driving 45+ minutes to and from class each week for months.
CGC/TDI class starts July 14 if you are interested. Avaqyn Acres

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