Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Homeowners and Rental Insurance

Home Owners Insurance and Rental Insurance- we require you to have Pit Bull friendly insurance when adopting from us. What does that mean? Simply, the insurance company does not have breed restrictions of any kind. No questions asked.
Many insurance companies or the owner of the dog will just label the dog as a mix when setting up insurance or getting new insurance with an existing dog to get past the discrimination list. However, if something happens where a claim needs to be made, it is not up to the owner to decide what breed of dog it is. The insurance company, the victim, and/or animal control will make the decision on the breed.
Please be aware that it is not only Pit Bulls who are on the discrimination list. Other breeds that are commonly "restricted" or on the discrimination list include Boxers, German Shepherds, Dalmatians, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Chow Chows.
Also, when calling to see what breeds are on the discrimination list talk to the 1-800 number not your agent. We have had many people get told one thing by their agent and then told something completely different by the actual company (1-800 number). Agents need to keep you on board in order to make money. Even in cases where an agent may seem well intentioned, claiming it is to benefit you or ensure your coverage or a good deal, in the event of a claim, these promises may ring false and you will be the one facing the negative consequences.
Why do we require Pit Bull friendly insurance?
1. We want the dog to be in a safe forever home. If the dog is adopted and 2 years later the insurance adjuster sees the dog in the home, the family may return the dog stating the dog not being allowed on their policy as a reason.
2. We want the adopter to have 100% of their insurance coverage at all times. A dog bite or a house fire are not cheap to recover from and having insurance that discriminates can mean you will be paying to have those things rectified out of your own pocket.
3. We do not want to support companies who discriminate against a dog based on breed. We believe these policies do not benefit policy-holders and one way to hopefully impact change in the industry is to hit discriminatory companies where it matters to them, by taking business to companies who do not enforce such arbitrary restrictions.
You can find a list of Pit Bull friendly insurance companies on our website.
Below is an article of a woman who is being denied her home owners insurance money for a house fire based on the Pit Bull in her home. So if you've wondered why we are such sticklers on this front during adoption, stories such as this are foremost in our minds!


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  2. I'm sorry that you seem to feel like insurance agents are not out for your best interest. I can believe that they aren't all great but this seems to indicate that for sure the 800 number will be truthful and the agent will not. The 800 numbers are customer service. They haven't gotten the extensive training or licenses that we have for our insurance business. Most companies agents get paid only commission so this might be a factor but a lot of them, like mine, aren't that way so I get to HELP people, not use them "in order to make money". If you feel this is how your agent or company is, find a new one! There are TONS of us and TONS of us love helping people prepare for the worst-case scenario in the future, not just making money.