Wednesday, December 4, 2019

11.28.19 Happy Thanksgiving

MPBR wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy some pictures below of our dogs sharing what they're thankful for. Feel free to share a picture of your pup & what they're thankful for.

Huxley is thankful for turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce - aka FOOD 😜

Fred (far right) is thankful for doggie friends and hoomans to snuggle up close to ❤️

The Snack Pack is thankful for:
1. snacks(of course) along with meals and treats
2. bigger play area inside(we are not in TX anymore)
3. Snuggles for sure
4. Lots of toys
5. That we are adorable helps with our shenanigans
6. Warm blankets and doggie beds to snuggle in.
7. We have a big party coming up 💕Just for us 
8. Today we get to start something called crate training where we get our very own crate.
9. Cleaning supplies, paper towels, mops, vacuums, washer 
and dryer, baby gates, essential oils in the difuser and patience💖 ( wait, correction, this is what our leader of the pack is thankful for and we fully support her efforts) 🤣
Tenzig is thankful for eating snow, lots of toys, all the snuggles with the humans and foster sisters, almond butter filled Kong s and soft beds!

Carson (adoption pending) is thankful for humans to snuggle and warm blankets to lay on after being out in the snow

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