Wednesday, March 27, 2019

3.27.19 Volunteer of the Month- Chad!

Meet Chad!

How did you find out about Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue?

I learned of MPBR when my fiancé (Natalie) started sending me pictures of a puppy that was with MPBR. I didn’t know we were looking for a dog but apparently we sorta were! We ended up adopting him, Chico, and so the journey began!

Why did you decide to start volunteering for MPBR?

A few months after we adopted Chico we started thinking we could do more to help. We were in training classes with some other volunteers from MPBR which gave us the chance to hear and learn more about the rescue. So we jumped right in with fostering and since then it’s become doing anything that comes up.

How long have you volunteered for the rescue?

Since about mid-2016. 

Do you have any pets?

We have two dogs and we have MPBR to thank for both; Chico and Vivian. As mentioned earlier, Chico was the start of it all. He’s our momma’s-boy that’s made the fostering possible. He gets along well with other dogs and allows us to bring extras into our home. Vivian was our foster in Nov-Dec 2018. She was a six year old sweetheart that we couldn’t really see sending on to anyone else. She gets along with everyone and enjoys the fosters. So her adoption that December was a sort of Christmas present to both her and us

Where's your favorite dog friendly place to take your pup?

That would probably be taking them to the lake. They enjoy playing in the water, riding on the boat, and grabbing lunch at the Wharf in Crosslake. THEIR other favorite place is daycare at Core Pet Zone without us! The place and people are awesome and our dogs love them.

When not surrounded by dogs – what can you be found doing?

Aside from when I’m at work, that’s incredibly uncommon! I don’t normally have dogs along at work although ours and some transports have occasionally passed through there. That’s pretty much it, they like to go along on errands and other things so they’re usually not far away.

Do you have a favorite memory that happened while you were volunteering? 

Oh boy, this one is impossible to narrow down to single events. There are two general things that stick out in my mind though…

1.      Bringing our fosters to their forever homes. We get to be very attached to our fosters so it’s incredibly fun to see the excitement of their new families. It’s wonderful to close the door behind us on the way out and say, “Oh yeah, he/she is in the right place.”
2.      It sounds strange, but the other times I’m most proud of are when things have gone off track from the plans. That’s when the team adapts and does what’s needed to get things handled. Everyone contributes their pieces to the overall puzzle and at the end of the day we all have a new adventure to look back on and laugh. (although it’s cool when things DO go according to plan too!)

Do you have any advice for current or future volunteers? 

Get out there and do it! It’s been a great feeling to know that we’re helping all of these dogs in big and little ways. Even the little things make a difference. And the MPBR team is a great group of people that we’ve had a blast getting to know, tons of laughs and fun along the way! What, you thought we were all business??


Each month one of our foster pawrents receives a gift card as a thank you.This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based- no shelters here! Each dog we are able to save is because a foster is willing to open their home for us 💚 Interested in volunteering? Check out some info here.

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