Friday, December 2, 2016

11.17.16 Texas Dogs

Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization which means your donation is completely tax deductible. We operate completely by volunteer power. We do not have any paid employees, we do not have grants, and we do not receive any federal or state funding. We are completely funded by the donations of our wonderful adopters and supporters!
We have recently started saving dogs from a high kill/high intake shelter in Texas. Minnesota has so many rescues and spay/neuter programs to help alleviate our dog over population issues here in Minnesota, that we felt the need to expand our intakes outside of Minnesota. Texas does not have the spay/neuter programs or rescues that Minnesota has so dogs are killed everyday to make space for the next day dog intakes. 
Most of the dogs that come from Texas have medical issues ranging from mange to the sometimes deadly parvo. Therefore some of the vet bills are much higher than the dog's adoption fee leaving us in the negative. 
Today we ask for you to help contribute to the medical needs of these dogs so we can continue to intake dogs off of death row. We are quickly running low in funds with this new adventure of Texas dogs but they are SO worth it and we don't want to say no. 
Throughout the day we will introduce you to some of our past and present Texas dogs and their medical issues.
Cogburn, adopted!
6 month old male
Medical issue- pneumonia

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