Friday, March 25, 2016

2nd Annual Beard Bid Fundraiser ends at 8pm!!! 03.25.16

Did you ever wish you could grow a beard just so you could fashion it in some unreasonable way? Now's your chance!
Remember those creepy dolls where you could cut their hair then push a button and it would grow back out? It's kinda like that, except with my face.
Here's how it works;
1. Look at that luscious beard. Imagine the possibilities, and bid, bid, bid!
2. Ebay Action closes.
3. Winner sends payment and chooses the beard/ mustache/ facial hair style that meets their fancy.
4. I pay a barber to put your chosen beard on my face. I wear that beard all day. (longer if it's a super-cool style)
5. I go out in public in a weird-beard adventure. I eat. I drink. I shop. I take pictures.
6. I send you a signed 8x10" photo of me on my weird-beard adventure.
7. 100% of the auction amount goes to Minnesota Pit Bull
Rescue; helping solid dogs find solid homes.

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