Sunday, June 28, 2015

The newest bunch 6.25.15

We are pleased to introduce you to eight very lucky puppies! We will have individual pictures and personalities up soon. They are 11 weeks old. All eight puppies need an individual Sponsor to cover their vetting and to NAME them. smile emoticon
"MPD recently responded to an animal abuse report. Found 8 Pit puppies in a small kennel covered in feces and in poor health. We share this to show the types of conditions that "some" (don't go nuts here...we said some, not all) conditions that some puppies are raised in. Please... Have you pet spayed or neutered. There is no reason for this to happen. You will notice the two last pics... one is before a bath and the last after the bath...the dogs were surrendered by the owner's and they were both cited for animal abuse. The dogs will eventually go to a Pit Rescue in the Metro. MPD has had over 11 calls to this residence for other animal complaints... typically lose dogs.. in the last 2 years. All animals, including cats, must be registered with the city. All animals, including cats, but be restrained." Montevideo FB page

Some pictures from when we picked them up at animal control:

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