Saturday, January 5, 2019

1.6.19 Featured Foster December Edition

Meet Alahna!

Who was your first foster?

Viera. We got to name her and she was our first foster pup. We had seen a post back in 2010 that there was a dog found in a garbage dumpster and they needed someone to foster immediately and meet with the person who had found her. We took her into our home temporarily and that's when we got hooked into fostering for MN Pit Bull Rescue.

Who is your current foster?

Eira. She was an absolute sweetie and just went to her forever home. If we didn't have our two furry pups, we would have kept her forever as she would have been a perfect match for our family but we are beyond excited for her and her new family.

Why did you start volunteering?

While planning my wedding and already being busy, I wasn't busy enough.  We had an American Eskimo and a Pittie who were about to turn one but our American Eskimo needed some puppy socialization, so we thought what a perfect way to have him interact with more doggies. We also just love pitties so much that we just wanted to open our doors to those with no homes and all they want is a little love. Over the past eight years, our family has opened our house to over 80 puppies. Whether it's temporary, permanently or just helping out for a day. 

How long have you been volunteering with our rescue?

We have been volunteers since 2010 and it's been an absolute blast. We love it and find it to be so rewarding. 

Do you have any pets?

Our home has many loved fur-members. We have 2 cats, Winston & Ryley and 2 pups, Savannah & Paisley.

Where is your favorite dog friendly place to take your pooches?

We love taking our puppies and foster pups to our family cabin. They have many many acres to run, swim and sleep in the sun. It's all of the dogs favorite place to go and we love taking them.

When not surrounded by dogs – what can you be found doing?

We all love fishing (even the pups), going to the cabin and watching movies. We always find that the dogs are with us (unless we're shopping of course).

Do you have a special ritual for your fosters?

We love taking pictures of all of the fosters we open our home to! Now that we have our son, we love taking a picture of all of the fosters he has helped us with. It's been teaching our son responsible animal ownership and how to understand the language/communication of animals. We absolutely love it!  

Previous Foster- Cleo
Previous Foster- Louie

Previous Foster- Greta the GREAT Dane

Interested in joining our team? Click here for volunteer information!
BarkBox is a subscription service that is awesome for you dogs! You get toys & treats delivered right to your door every month!

Each month one of our foster parent receives a BarkBox as a thank you. This is our small way of showing appreciation for the dedication our volunteers have to this rescue. Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue is 100% volunteer based-no shelters here! 

Each dog we can save is because a foster is willing to open their home for us 💚

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